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    Just an observation that most of you have already realised. The FS2 version does not require the Northern California Region in AFS2 the way it does in FSX or P3D. Nice cost saving touch for some of those who have both sims but not the Northern California Region.

    No artistic talent myself but uf anyone could make a Jetstar skin for the A320 it would be much appreciated. :)

    I started with IPACS FS on my Android tablet and now have the PC version. Anyone else do that? I do hope to see more for the Android such as other Region specific versions. I know that tablets do not have enough muscle for a full install.

    Cannot boast, it was a work machine and not mine. My employer had plans to put our delivery networks in graphic format on it. Easy to do these days but back then not so easy.

    Much as I like the new Colorado, I do love New York. so having nothing better to do this morning I thought I would go for a quick flight. I am lucky enough to have 3 sims. I have FSX as my main go anywhere sim (huge Orbx investment), FSW, and AFS2. FSW has Drzewiecki NYC X scenery, FSX has Aerosoft Manhattan X, and FS2 the DLC.

    I was amazed to see the differences. FSW and the Drzewiecki scenery is best seen from 5000 feet and is quite good but the bridges and approaches are nowhere as good as what is in AFS2. Try low and slow in this scenery and it is plain awful. That said I have one of those 5000 ft screenies as my background on the PC.

    FSX's Aerosoft Manhattan X V1.30 is designed for low and slow so not surprisingly the building detail is probably the best out of the 3. Animated billboards exist on some buildings and reflections are well done too. Not too sure about all the pastel shades though it is very colorful. The closer you get to groups of buildings the more detail you see. Anything not close can be ugly until redraw occurs. Not bad for an old sim at all.

    AFS2 I like because of the sheer detail of it that comes from photo real. The bridge approaches are so very well done and everything is where it should be. No distant uglies until the scenery is drawn like with FSX and it is so smooth to use. Downside is no moving traffic to create the busy city look and I am not so keen on the flat cruise ships and wharves either.

    Anyone else tried different versions and want to comment? :)

    Just backing up my FS2 now, all 132.5 gb of it got me thinking. 1987 and I had one of the fastest desktop machines in my State with an unheard of huge 300mb hard drive. 30 years later most of us have 2tb external drives as the norm. 6666.666 times more capacity. In 30 years time given that rate of growth we should all have at least 13.3333 pb drives! Wonder if they will sell for $89 at Walmart or Officeworks? ;)

    My problem was that after moving my computer Steam no longer worked and I had to reinstall it. As soon as I did that steam began downloading my games again. I now have copied files from the original D installation over to the new C drive installation and all my add ons are functioning normally. I lost Aerofly FS2 during this process as steam deleted it. I will now have to go for a full reinstall. I will use your helpful hints to ensure it does not install onto my C drive. Thanks.

    I managed to offload FS2 again from my PC for the second time! What happened was that I moved the PC to another room because I wanted to paint the study. When I fired it up in its new location clicking on steam did nothing. I went to the website and my library was missing and I found it is not visible because steam thinks steam is not installed on my PC for some reason. So I thought .... uninstall Steam and reinstall it .... no problem. Lost all my steam bought programs on that one fateful click of a button. Worse still, is that for some reason steam thinks it is installing itself onto a new PC and is putting games back onto the C drive instead of my much larger D drive. I now have 2 installations of FSW (unfortunately not this much larger sim) one on each drive. I guess what I am asking is does anyone know how to get Steam to install to a drive of choice rather than C please? I figure if I can change the steam setting then I can delete one copy and get back into re installing my FS2. I think I will super glue this PC to the floor of the study once I finish painting.:cursing: