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    I recently bought the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle quadrant to go with my Airbus TCA stick. I am not a serious simmer but love the feel of the separate throttle in my game.

    Just out of idle curiosity. As an owner of the other sim I have been watching the reviews and tales of both the Fenix A320 and the FBW 320 (Freeware mod made by users) and wondered how flying the A320 in AFS2 from cold and dark compares to those. Has anyone tried both them in both sims and are there any comments re comparison.

    I doubt I will ever get to the "study level" pilot status but it seems to me AFS2 has a good product.

    Any chance of getting ORBX back on board with the upcoming FS4 release? Maybe send them an evaluation copy or something like that. Having ORBX support adds to the credentials of any sim.

    I think the best flight sim is always the next one. Having said that and having been a user of the other sim since the "imminent" release of FS4 was announced back in November I can say that every major update on that sim has caused problems to some part or other. If you have time to spare look through some of their posts especially those concerning updates. Sorry to be pessimistic but I will be very surprised if add ons especially the old ORBX ones work out of the box with FS4. There is always hope though.

    Hi PLAY, My gripe with FS2022 is that the Landmarks do not appear on my Android machine. Can I use the file transfer and get them from FS2021? If so what is the Landmark file name please?

    I do not think any part of NZ was an official release so this must have been a personal effort by a clever user. If you are game enough it is now possible to fly the "other sim" on Android if you install XBox Game Bar on your phone or tablet. I am thinking about this just to see if it works and what controllers would be needed. $1 for the first month to try it out seems reasonable to make the effort.

    You could also try GeoFS through the play store. You have to pay a yearly sub for the HD scenery but it will give you the whole world in Google Earth like scenery. Nowhere near as polished as FS2022 but you can at least fly in NZ albeit without the 3D buildings.

    Hello Alain. I seem to think no answer is about all we are going to get on this one from IPACS. The annoying thing is that I get landmarks displayed fine in AFS2 which I also have on my tablet. Therefore I think it should be possible in FS2022. Did you get FS2021? If so were there landmarks in that one?

    I ask this every few months but why are there no landmarks showing up in FS2022 even if you select them to be on in options? I am running Android version on my tablet. The old FS2 mobile version shows them just fine. I am not very good with the android OS but If it is possible can the landmark file be ported over?

    I ended up doing a factory reset and it is now downloading. There are still no Landmarks though.

    I am starting to wonder about the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11. Maybe it was not such a bargain after all. I probably should have bit the bullet and bought a similarly powerful but better branded device like an upmarket Samsung or Apple. An old adage says you get what you pay for.

    I opted out of the beta for this and then uninstalled the beta version without problems. I then downloaded the FS 2022 usual version and got the following message.

    Aerofly FS needs to download additional and required files.

    Please ensure you have a stable WiFi internet connection.

    Then in a yellow box .. Waiting for download ..

    Nearly 2 days later it is the same. No download starts. I have good internet and was running the standard FS2022 fine before I went Beta so I think it should work Any assistance appreciated but not really expected.

    I have asked about this a couple of times with zero official response for some reason. I have no landmarks showing up in my FS2022. FS1 and FS2 are fine but nothing in FS2022 even when I ensure they are switched on in the options. If this a known bug that affects everyone? When I asked in an earlier post a few others reported the same thing. No IPACS member has responded to me so far.

    I am running Android 11 and have 8gb of RAM with a 256GB of storage. My machine is a Lenovo Yoga Tab 11. :(