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    Mine is bigger/better or faster than yours arguments are going on forever about this or that sim. I have heaps of games that I do not play but at least these posts keep the economy going and encourage developers to continue their work. The best sim is the one that suits you and your set up. When it does not then move on and stop these pointless posts.

    If i see over 7000 downloads for 2 years work and only 10 men or woman give a donation - what do you think, what i think?! :cursing:

    If you started doing this as a commercial venture then I can understand your disappointment but it if was a hobby that you wanted to share with fellow pilots then you would be very gratified to see 7000 downloads. Hobbies are time consuming but satisfying. I am sure that what you shared with others was appreciated. :)

    Thanks emfrat for that. I was going to ask how to get rid of the airport runways but keep their location and you have just answered that for me. I am not much of a fan of the cultivation in user created scenery either, so I have deleted places folders in some of it. Just having satellite imagery is preferable to me. I can see my house and local landmarks easily. :thumbup:

    What a pleasure it is to fly around my old haunts especially in Sydney where I spent 1965-1972. I loved that city and it took me 3 or more years to consider Adelaide as my home when I moved there. Thank you Michael. :)

    I keep getting these announcements that Windows 11 is coming. I know there are some dev copies out there and I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet with AFS2? :?:

    Cairns is already there in the Northern QLD files. How good it is to see Aussie scenery in the sim. I never thought we would get that but in a space of a few short weeks Michael has done it for us. :)

    Back in the day when my girls were young we used to have a villa in a vacation complex up there. Perfect winter get away for us Southerners. Then we discovered cruising so it was sold.

    I cannot say thank you enough times for this scenery. Such a pristine wilderness full of magnificent beaches. Highly recommended download.

    While waiting for the official UK release I am rRe loading my Great Britain files that IZOJUB did. Where do we put the special objects files from Scotland Special Objects and North East England Special Objects? Do they unzip into places or images please?

    I cannot say thank you enough times for this scenery. Such a pristine wilderness full of magnificent beaches. Highly recommended download.

    Thanks for the advice but I am doing a new install to my external F drive and it has been installing for about 6 hours now. What was the path to that move install function in your screen shot? I could not find that earlier. I am wondering if it will impact on FPS if run from an external HD. Should be intetesting to find out when the re install finishes.

    I have offloaded my Steam AFS2 install from my laptop and was thinking of transferring it to my desktop computer. But, I have had second thoughts and was wondering if I could download and run the program on an external drive rather than use up my limited HD. The set up I have now suits me but I want to start making scenery so a bigger drive would be good. I have seen where in Steam you can go to settings/steam library folders and add a folder so I am assuming if I buy a new drive then that is where I would point the program to. Is it that easy to do, or are there other things to watch out for :?: