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    I am as far from an expert as you can get but I was wondering how AFS2 loads itself onto my laptop. The load time seems pretty long to me so does it load all the scenery I have when it starts up? :/

    I was flying around Lihue this morning in the Do27 which is one of my favourites and I was wondering if there were any repaints for this aircraft? :)

    Hi Gregory. What graphic settings are you using and are you doing this on a PC or Laptop or an Apple device? I am not having any problems on my laptop using Open GL with unlimited frame rates setting flying out of KDEN. I am usually getting 120 FPS or so in the default scenery. Around the Florida Space Apollo 50 scenery add on though I do get micro stutters and a drop to 40-60 FPS after half an hour or so flying about. If this is relevant, I nearly always fly in chase view, and do not use VR. How does that compare with your set up?

    Non VR user, I tried Vulkan today for the first time in many months and it works fine 🤗

    It is giving me better FPS in built up areas too. The only minor problem so far is with the freeware Paris where it crashes back to steam. Everywhere else so far is brilliant.

    Please excuse my ignorance with this question. As a Steam user, apart from upside down windmills I have had no issues but I have thought about buying the DVD for use when internet is unavailable. How is the DVD version updated? Is it auto updated when the game is run or was there a website that the DVD users go to for their updates.

    I love the IPACS scenery but I think it has been a while since the last DLC region release. Any news on what will come next and when we might see it. :/

    Krzysztof Kaniewski has given us a seaplane over on the site :)

    Whoops very sorry! I should have looked at what forum this is. I do not know if Krzysztof planes are usable in the Apple of mobile version.

    Stratospheric, you motivated me to reload FSX-SE and ORBX Australia V2. Old Andado station not in there unfortunately but it was good to see some OZ stuff for a change. 😎

    I cannot make anything out in the first shot but there is what appears to be a glider coming in to land on runway 7L in the second one. Was that the floating object?

    For screenshots I use the free version of FRAPS. Once I take the screenshots I go to the directory in which they are saved and if I want to post any shots I right click on the file and select open with Paint. I then resize the picture to either 640x480 or 800x600 and then save it as a jpeg. The result is a clear up loadable file.

    Why not try creating some photo-scenery yourself, instead of rubbishing people who are actually doing something useful in that area?
    That might give you some understanding of the problems involved. :cursing:

    Chill emfrat! Back in the day 20 or so years ago I did do some sceneries for another sim so I do understand the difficulties. I was merely asking when we might see completion of this excellent sceneries series and not rubbishing anyone at all. My comment about biting off more than you can chew related to the unforeseen difficulties the team is experiencing and not to their expertise.

    Hi Jan, I wondered if they import only 2D imagery from one or the other into a flight sim and then third party developers fill in the 3D details. Is that what happens with AFS2? Not just the new sim I was thinking about.

    First I guess I owe an apology to our devs on whom I cast aspirations when I posted about upside down windmills in another thread. This is not a conspiracy theory.

    A while back before AFS2 I was using Google Earth to fly local flights. The building in the CBD that I worked in was easily identifiable and the detail was great. It was no problem to identify my house etc. But, of course it was not really a Flight simulator. Although I am not running the new simulator I have kept an eye on the main forums and looked at the screenshots and I was a bit bemused to see that the Sydney Harbor Bridge was not modeled properly in it. I am thinking how is this possible when I can fly over my house and work place in an obscure city like Adelaide in Google Earth?

    I know the new sim uses Bing rather than Google so was wondering if there is such a great difference between the two or whether a lot of object details are not transferred across to allow third party developers like ORBX the opportunity to fill in the spaces. (They have just released Sydney Cityscape scenery for the new sim).

    There are other wind turbines in the Helgoland scenery add on and they are not upside down. I am guessing that the .tma files determine placement and the .tmb files concern the object itself. Either way, I was wondering if it would be possible to access the Helgoland wind turbines and modify the 70 wind turbine files in our Netherlands scenery.