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    Hello Brandon, I would suggest you post this in the mobile forum. I do have an older version on my mobile but have never tried new skins on it sorry. Someone there should be able to help you I hope. Enjoy the game.

    Thank you for your magnificent work! I just HAVE to go back there one day, perhaps when this Covid curse is over. 2022 maybe. The POA (Pride of America) looks good and enticing too as she sails out from Oahu. Well done, the community owes you so much for your efforts.

    Yes just put the cultivation folders in the calvi file. All the cultivation that I do for airports always go in the file like for calvi for instance.:)

    Ahhh .... dumb of me. I realised that I had downloaded Calvi airport from fscloudport and installed it in a different directory before your scenery was released. Interesting that it overwrote your installation. I wonder about the load priority of the game. Anyway, other airport deleted and problem solved thanks for your help. Also, where did you get that great easy jet skin from ?

    With the trouble we have been having with planes purchased directly through justflight recently (now fixed) and the steam sales, I bought the Hawk and today the Falke through steam. My question is where does steam download the user manuals to? If purchased directly from Justflight there is a sub directory called manuals created for each plane but I cannot see that in the steam version installs.?(

    Hi Carl, another thing I should have mentioned is that I can only fly in my Boston in OpenGL. If I go to Vulkan then I crash back to Steam. I am not sure if that is a problem with my laptop which has dual video cards (3gb NVidia and a lower spec 2gb one) of if this is one of the things that might be fixed in the next Boston_ma update. Either way, it works fine in OpenGL and is a great scenery.

    Hi Carl,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems and I am no expert but mine is in the C:\Documents\Aerofly FS2\addons\scenery\boston_ma and it works fine. Just check yours and make sure there are two sub folders under boston_ma called images and places. Sometimes you can find that under the main boston_ma directory there is another boston_ma directory with those images and places in there. You can also download and install a couple more airports like KGHG and KOWD from FSCloudPort to C:\Documents\Aerofly FS2\scenery\places as well.

    For those of you with the same problem this is how I fixed mine. First find a plane with the option.tmc file in it. I used the c172 blue_wave found in my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Simulator\aircraft\c172\blue_wave folder and highlighted the file name then went control C to copy it.

    Next I went to my Documents\Aerofly FS2\aircraft\c172\oofce (or whatever plane you want to fix) and hit control V to paste the option.tmc file into the target folder. I did that for each plane that I was having difficulties with including those justflight ones.

    Then go through and delete all the repaint.tmr files that are in those airplane folders. Do not empty the trash yet just in case of difficulties. (If you have problems you can always restore those files from the trash).

    That should fix the problems. You can if you want change the option.tmc file if you open it with notepad and take out blue-wave and substitute the name of the aircraft folder eg. SP-OLD, but it should not be necessary. You will then find that anything you select in preview will be the plane that you end up flying.

    Well we made a change to the option.tmc and left legacy support in for quite a while. I'm not sure we intended to remove this legacy repaint.tmr support this soon, so this is on us. Fact is that the Steam versions of the Just Flight aircraft have been update but the ones from their website apparently have not. I'll get in touch with Just Flight so that they can update their versions as well.

    Thank you. I know I can be a grumpy old sod but your help is appreciated.