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    This is affecting user made repaints and third party aircraft bought outside steam like JustFlight. I bought the C152, Duchess 76, and the Turbo Arrow from the JustFlight site in late 2019.

    I just re-downloaded the C152 and it does not feature the option.tmc and only the default C152 is flyable although all skins appear in preview. The same applies to my user third party skins for the b747 and c172 although I copied the option.tmc out of the steam aircraft folder into those folders and got them working. I cannot do this for the JustFlight planes.

    I have discovered that you need an option.tmc file in your particular aircraft skin folder as it replaces the repaint.tmr file. I discovered by looking in the Developers: General and Aircraft forum.

    Hi all, I have noticed that when I select a different paint job on a plane such as the C172 it ignores my selection and stays with the N51911 model. This is happening with most of my planes. The
    Justflight C152 for another example is stuck on the G-BGAE skin even though I can clearly see I have selected something else in my aircraft hangar. Anyone else having these problems please :?:

    Yes they do work with the steam version. The only one I have not been able to get running is Lubbock but I am sure I should be able to figure that one out. If anyone has that up and running in the new AFS2 version I would appreciate them letting me know the installation paths.

    I downloaded Lubbock again and installed it just as per instructions and then realised that I did not have an airport in there. A quick trip to and I downloaded Lubbock airport. And .... there it is as good as gold.

    I bought Gibraltar and Boston through them well before the sale. I believe an update to Boston is being worked on at the moment. A very good Paris is available as freeware through, and Gibraltar is nice and works very well.

    Today in warm Adelaide it is overcast and as I sit here at my laptop I hear thunder rumbling. That sort of prompted the question .... has any sim ever modeled thunder storms? Flying through extreme weather would certainly encourage edge of the seat immersion I am thinking. =O

    I remember that if you installed the Life Project for South Florida, one of the Miami folders was a test folder that caused the car pileup.

    Found the link to hopefully solve the problem:

    Miami Airport Towers

    Thank you Strykai. Mu cubes have now gone. Dr Hotwing obviously did not update the software. Not complaining but do with there was a sticky or something where the ignorant herd of us could go to get these fix it tips.

    Anyone else getting a high cube of automobiles at both ends of a KMIA runway? I am seeing this in both open GL and Vulkan. I uninstalled and reinstalled South Florida but it is not going away.:/

    Hi Jan

    I disabled all external DLL's and user scenery and the program loads almost instantly thank you. But I really do not want to do that all the time because so much scenery is now missing not to mention any airports I might have added to make Chicago usable etc. So is there must be something somewhere that tells me how to rename airports and where to put them so that they are okay with the new version please?

    I am as far from an expert as you can get but I was wondering how AFS2 loads itself onto my laptop. The load time seems pretty long to me so does it load all the scenery I have when it starts up? :/

    I was flying around Lihue this morning in the Do27 which is one of my favourites and I was wondering if there were any repaints for this aircraft? :)

    Hi Gregory. What graphic settings are you using and are you doing this on a PC or Laptop or an Apple device? I am not having any problems on my laptop using Open GL with unlimited frame rates setting flying out of KDEN. I am usually getting 120 FPS or so in the default scenery. Around the Florida Space Apollo 50 scenery add on though I do get micro stutters and a drop to 40-60 FPS after half an hour or so flying about. If this is relevant, I nearly always fly in chase view, and do not use VR. How does that compare with your set up?

    Non VR user, I tried Vulkan today for the first time in many months and it works fine 🤗

    It is giving me better FPS in built up areas too. The only minor problem so far is with the freeware Paris where it crashes back to steam. Everywhere else so far is brilliant.

    Please excuse my ignorance with this question. As a Steam user, apart from upside down windmills I have had no issues but I have thought about buying the DVD for use when internet is unavailable. How is the DVD version updated? Is it auto updated when the game is run or was there a website that the DVD users go to for their updates.

    I love the IPACS scenery but I think it has been a while since the last DLC region release. Any news on what will come next and when we might see it. :/

    Krzysztof Kaniewski has given us a seaplane over on the site :)

    Whoops very sorry! I should have looked at what forum this is. I do not know if Krzysztof planes are usable in the Apple of mobile version.

    Stratospheric, you motivated me to reload FSX-SE and ORBX Australia V2. Old Andado station not in there unfortunately but it was good to see some OZ stuff for a change. 😎