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    The same to you and thank you for all your work and the help you have given to all this year. Best wishes to all others too.

    I think it was 21 nights. We did a cruise on the same ship Seattle to San Francisco first and that was 7 nights so we were onboard for 28 nights in total. It was a good trip with Hawaii, Fiji, Noumea and Vanuatu in the itinery.

    Back in October we were on the Explorer of the Seas cruise ship going from Seattle to Sydney. Someone was very ill, the ship turned back towards the Oregon coast and the Coast Guard sent a big helicopter to medivac him to hospital. The helipad on that massive cruise ship is really tiny and the chopper had to do about 10 circuits while the ship maneuvered into the best position for him to land. In case of accident all passengers were evacuated from the forward facing cabins that overlooked the helipad and no one other than crew were allowed near the landing zone. That leads me to believe that landing on those tiny H pads is not easy even for the professionals. Good luck with your ship landings guys :)

    I was wondering if the Samsung VR headset would work with the AF2 mobile version. It would seem to be an ideal entry point into VR for an old fogie like me.

    I caught the 10am Flight AS477 this morning from Los Angeles to Seattle and was awed by the comparison to AFS2. The colours were a perfect match. The weather was great and the scenery beautiful. I canmot wait for PNW to be released as well. Well done IPACS.:thumbup:

    Probably a lone voice of dissent and this post will probably not last long enough for most of you to read but .... Complete lack of excitement regarding the "big update coming soon" announcement. The graphics in the current version are already way ahead of other sims. The planes are fine as they are. A meaningful update to me is where we get significant new sceneries, helicopters, and cloud/water management. This update is care factor zero for me and this whole sim is going the same way the longer it takes for REAL improvements to appear.

    Is it me or has Carson City not been modelled very well? I cannot find the State Capitol building and no sports stadiums in 3D?

    I came back from a long vacation last Monday. We flew to Tokyo and cruised from Yokohama to Vancouver via 3 Japanese ports and Petropavlovsk in Siberia. It snowed on some days and the ship was covered in a light covering of snow. The Cherry blossoms in Japan were beautiful. After a week staying with friends in Seattle and Whidbey Island we cruised up to Alaska and back on a different ship. Again the scenery was gob smackingly stunning and I can recommend that Alaska cruise to everyone. The whole experience reminded me of why I got into flight simming many years ago. That was to experience virtual tourism and to go to places I could not afford to visit at the time. So .... more scenery in this fine simulator would be much appreciated.

    PS. Sometimes the folk you meet on board have strange or different ideas. One guy I spoke to said that their bucket list was to visit every state capital in the USA! How many State Capitals are there in AFS2 already?