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    here's a quick mud-map (direct route)

    What about a time delay on the centre button. Whereby by first clicking down on the wheel it changes the wheel function momentarily to zoom function, then after say one second the wheel reverts to the normal hot spot function. This could be set up to only operate if the cursor was not already over a hot spot.

    There is already a look ahead function that I have set to a button on my X-55 Rhino. Perhaps a memory function could be used to store a preferred zoom setting that could be also set to a button (or even combined with the look ahead function), that way it is very quick and useful to return to a "safe" viewpoint.

    For a new sim, an new Aircraft. Pilatus PC-24 Bizjet. This will be an awesome plane to fly, only needs around 3000ft of runway and can handle dirt. Join GA Aircraft at picturesque locations or mix with the big guys at international Airports.

    For now, very happy with the offerings so far.

    I would. I did. I just like things on paper. Specially good things. ;)

    I made a .pdf as I always do, but rather than print as I always used to do (I would have need a bigger home to store so many manuals), I now use Goodreader on my iPad which allows me to highlight items in color and to make my own linked notes. Then on my pc, I have the .pdf up on a second monitor for reference. Cheers Anton.

    This answers something I've been meaning to ask as I use Gadwin app to capture screenshots but it can't work with AFS2 in full screen. This sounds good.

    "Which twin has the Toni" - some of the older members will remember that one. Two shots of Zurich Airport - one is from Google Earth, the other from FS2.

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    it's pretty damb good. It took me a while, but I worked out AFS2 is the 1st one as it doesn't have the curved roof building at the bottom left (south east), not as much detail in the grey apron area to the bottom left or Rwy 34 and a little less detail in some car parks. The final giveaway is the Google compass ring in the top right corner. To give full credit though, this is the best I have seen in a sim. Thanks ipacs.

    Jim, you have taken many words out of my mouth, I too am retired and have been cautiously monitoring all four 64bit Fsims all year now, to the point that I did not know which way to go for a while. Then in an enlightened moment I decided to go with Aerofly FS2.

    I completely removed all traces of FSX:SE on my 500Gb SSD and installed nearly all of FS2 in one go (160+ Gb) including purchasing the upgrade path via OrbxDirect for LOWI (thank you Jarrod, this was the clincher and proof of concept for me).

    Over the last three days I have flown in US SE,NE and CH in many of the default Aircraft and had a ball. For me coming onboard at this point in time was just right. System depth in some aircraft are stating to get there. Still a long way to go but what has been done to now is very good and enjoyable. And the best news is my System doesn't need an upgrade (straight away anyway). Not so with the other sims I looked into.

    So can I add to Jim's compliments to Jeff, Jan, Torsten, Marc and all the others. Health and brain permitting I will be with you for the long haul flight.

    Cheers Anton.

    I'm referring to the button above the view button that takes the plane immediately up by 500'. I'm assuming this is a bail out button which I see is often needed in mountainous terrain like Switzerland especially when the autopilot wants to take you through a mountain.

    I find I often hit this accidentally and it very frustrating when, after completing a perfect landing and you have spent several minutes taxiing to a parking spot and wham. After accidentally hitting the panic button you are 500' up with no power of lift.

    Now to the suggestion and possible easy work around. What if the panic button was only visible after hitting the pause button. The same result can then be achieved without accidents.

    Please concider.

    Cheers Anton.

    Hi, new here and very excited about Aerofly's potential having been brought here as a long time orbx customer and by John Venema's announcements about 2017.

    I use Saitek X-56 Pro flight controllers and Rudder pedals and I would love to know if they are recognised by Aerofly FS 2 and can the X-56's own Config tool be used to map the control surfaces and buttons.

    Thanks (danke) in advance.