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    Imagine your on high altitude, there you will see only level 9, you descent to an airport, the lower you go the more detail

    scenery you will see; level 11... lower 12 kicks in etc. at 1000 feet it gets really detailed, your on level 14 now, just before touchdown

    you see level 15. That is the idea about FS2's levels. the bigger the level number the more detail thus the more Gb's.

    So it is recommended to do more than one level but I doubt if FSET level 3 is enough for the higher FS2 GeoConvert levels.

    I use 'GeoConvert Helper' so I have no controle over what area I convert, it just converts the FSET area.

    Having said that.... no, I'll show you with rectangles :)

    Maybe I overdone the overlap in this drawing, the black tiles occurred around red tiles 1 & 2

    but are gone since I did the yellow one.

    I'm now re-downloading the yellow one FSET res 1. when thats ready in a few days.. results and screenshots.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I downloaded my whole country low resolution an converted it only level 9.

    I left mij level 9-11-12-13-14 smaller overlapping areas in and I do not see any black tiles anymore.


    I think I re-convert my smaller area's without level 9 now.

    Why is that? What are the right settings?

    I surely think to know some people around here were talking about special American textures..

    Yes but it's not working :(

    ServiceName = Amerika

    ServiceCodeing = xyz

    ServiceUrl =

    Referer =

    UserAgent = Mozilla/4.0

    #ServerVariations = khm0,khm1,khm2,khm3

    Thanks for the tip.

    Found it and it's indeed simple.

    Also put in the American server.

    I have a problem with military bases in the Netherlands, Virtual Earth - pixeled out, google earth some tiles not found.

    Do more servers exist?

    Is there a way that FSET keeps it's settings?

    Every time I open it I have to set the resolution and the no-no-no etc. ??

    That went well, now to not forget I made a second an third airport, the third had two runways so I expanded the tsc with

    endpoint 3 and 4, also threshold an name, that was wrong, you have to copy and paste the whole section and give the

    runway element number 1, were the first runway is 0, looks like this:



    <[vector2_float64][endpoint1][4.9499577 51.5653731]>

    <[vector2_float64][endpoint2][4.9136835 51.5694479]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold1][4.9499577 51.5653731]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold2][4.9136835 51.5694479]>












    <[vector2_float64][endpoint1][4.9417555 51.5718752]>

    <[vector2_float64][endpoint2][4.9337304 51.5565688]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold1][4.9417555 51.5718752]>

    <[vector2_float64][threshold2][4.9337304 51.5565688]>










    I did my last airport on level 15 only on top of the area and looks a little better than yours (Buzzard)

    I only have difficulties landing because it looks like it's build on de seven hills of Rome.

    And I'm from the flattest land on the world! ^^

    Ik guess that's also part of future airport building.

    I got to be a master of making 3D things for my 3D printer but those 4 part screen programs I totally forgot how they work.

    I Hope I can import from my own program, e.g. bgl.