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    Hi Josef,

    I planned to do a bigger resolution, maybe for each island and only the airport hi resolution, I'm also in VR so I must see if that's enough.

    I'm a sailor, now at see so I can't GeoConvert :(

    Ik zie uit naar Texel screenshots!! :)

    Groet Dree

    I know, however great this all is there should (and there will eventually, an American and drhotwing1 are busy) be an executable or website in witch you can point to your fset files and set the levels you want and an output directory... click... something like that.

    A few days ago I noticed that a lot of text/links that used to be black turned into red, no problems.

    But now if I want to reply I type white on white, is something wrong or did I accidentally change my settings somewhere?

    I looked at and changed the 'settings-->general - themes' but that does not help, in 'Aerofly dark' I type black on black.

    Only if I create a tread like now I type black on white.

    It's the same in Firefox and Chrome

    [Blocked Image:]

    ...and in this future introductory in the Wiki also were to install/unpack things, I don't even know were to put the SDK..

    Said that you have to have FS2 installed now I read someone is going to do the conversion on a different machine...

    If I ever get this done.. be aware, it will be very foggy :)

    I think I know how to make a recording, I use OBS studio with Elite Dangerous.

    Different thing, the Replay function however I cannot find in VR even if I set 'Show native view on main monitor' to yes.

    It's not there on my screen or I missed something, I don't see anything about it in the replay function discussion.

    I asked the question on the replay function discussion because this might be off topic here.

    I use OBS studio to record in Elie dangerous so I think I can setup that for this too.

    The Replay function however I cannot find in VR.

    I set 'Show native view on main monitor' to yes.

    There is no buttons nor bar on my screen no matter how much times I press P

    I see going on Google isn't the best of ideas..

    Naming an airport is a problem, I'm now at Francis S. Gabreski Airport

    and I see all different names, I would rather go with airport codes.

    Now looking at that I have a new question, growing up with ICAO-codes

    I now see all IATA-codes, is that the new thing?

    Thanks for the Skyvector link!

    I have it too! Suddenly, flying in the New York DLC.

    If everything is all right Steam keeps my game updated and NVIDIA my 1080 card....

    As stated above, restarting the game solves the problem only to see them floating again around the next airport.

    Weather report of Sussex; completely overcast :)

    [Blocked Image:]

    Is it one or two airports?

    In FS 2 it's one airport "Lakehurst"

    In Google maps it's two; "Lakehurst NATF" And "Naec Airport"

    In Google earth also two, the second one is "Lakehurst Neas"

    Having extensive experience wit Air Hauler I smell problems in the future for

    upcoming add ons like these..


    I came to the conclusion that is is indeed one airport, the whole thing has only one ICAO Code.


    But with the it's name not everyone agrees, I think it's "Lakehurst Maxfield Field"

    Thanks for giving me a better understanding about this matter.

    I always thought runway markings/numbers in RW were fixed

    although some do not correspondent with the magnetic orientation.

    I see now some not so happy people with a big pot of white paint

    walking around every time the earth wobbles...

    Groet Dree

    To choose between no airport or a beautiful one like Innsbruck because of a few signs that are not there

    is a mystery to me too,

    I rather miss a sign than an airport :)

    My idea is to ask BigMac money to put their signs all over the pace.


    I keep track in Google earth with place-markers on airports that I visited.

    Now I noticed this morning that Ecuvillens has runway 10R/28L in FS 2 but

    09/27 in the RW e.g. Google earth/maps.

    Is this a bug?

    Groet Dree