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    Don't forget that's using a sim that runs at 20fps in VR.

    edit: I've just done a quick back to back test between Rift S and Reverb in AFS2, flying the R22 from the downtown heliport up to midtown and landing on top of the Pan Am building (whatever it's called these days).

    The experience is very pleasant in both headsets, I couldn't get a framerate counter to show, but the game ran very smoothly in both headsets, completely equal there.

    For me, comfort is much better on the Reverb, may be the other way round for some.

    Image brightness and tonal range, pretty equal, with a slight advantage to Reverb, the image just looked a bit 'richer' tonally.

    Sound, very weak on the Rift S as we know, perfectly ok on the Reverb, but not as good as my proper headphones. Anything with an engine and you really need another audio solution with the Rift.

    Image clarity: clear and noticeable improvement in the centre area of the Reverb. An example, with the rift S I have to lean forward until my chin is over the cyclic to see what the labels on the instrument panel say, and even then it's only because I know what they say. The same clarity is visible from the pilot seat in the Reverb. Lean forward a little and you get a much crisper and more detailed view of text and labels. The distant scenery is much clearer and it is easier to pick out separate buildings up to several miles away, where distant edges in the rift are slightly fuzzy.

    Outside the sweet spot I'd say there is less in it, and the Rift has better control over chromatic aberration.

    Screen door is better in the Reverb, akin to looking at a 1080p 27" monitor about 2' away.

    Hope that gives a bit more detail for you guys, my personal preference is the Reverb, which I believe is worth the 50% hike in price (also don't forget the price of decent audio in the Rift). Luckily I haven't had any technical issues, my motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170 gaming board, so maybe it pumps out enough juice from the ports. The Rift S is an excellent headset though, and I can see it might have the edge with a very low fps game like XP11, but to me I'm getting a similar experience in both headsets with XP. Hard to imagine being disappointed with either one.

    I had a night on driving sims last night and I'm getting fonder of the Reverb each time I use it. Project CARS 2 with sharpening enabled is fantastic, ACC works well but is a bit fuzzy on track, Live For Speed is fantastic (and about 15 years old!), AC works well but a bit overexposed/washed out. No luck with revive and Dirt Rally unfortunately.

    I don't wear glasses so can't pass an opinion there sorry.

    To all intents and purposes it's the same as the Rift CV1 and S. It's supposedly a few degrees wider but you can't tell.

    I ran the Rift S and the Reverb back to back on the Manhattan scenery and the clarity, detail and tonal contrast was significantly better in the Reverb. AFS2 and Project CARS2 are so far the best experiences by a long way.

    Brilliant - I'm very excited about the Reverb. I have so many questions:

    • What were you using before?
    • I have a CV1 since release, and there is also a Rift S on the desk that I'm struggling to get on with, hence the Reverb.
    • How about smaller instruments on say the Baron B58 - even in my Odyssey I find a lot of the dials and readouts too blurry. Do you see step change improvement?
    • Massive improvement on CV1, small improvement (less screen door mainly) compared to Rift S
    • How about the sweet spot? Is there a limited area that feels sharp?
    • For me, sweetspot is a clear improvement over the S. I found it almost impossible to maintain the S in the right position for both eyes at once, but the Reverb slips on much more comfortably and stays in place and just looks right straight away. I think a lot depends on how well you get on with the S. However the Reverb sweetspot is not big, in that the definition outside the centre area is noticeably softer with some chromatic aberration, almost like a fixed foveated effect.
    • Is your IPD quite normal? Its software only IPD adjustment isn't it?
    • My IPD is about 62, which I adjusted in software but just like the S I can't tell the slightest difference after adjusting it.
    • Are you able to run ultra everything in NLTE with your 2080? What steam supersample and FS2 render factor?
    • I'll have to go back and check exact settings, but I kept the same settings as the rift S and performance was fine

    Edit: You can definitely run a rift and a reverb together on the same PC, I only have one display port though, so I have to unplug one HMD to plug in the other, but it's working fine.

    Can you state how the Reverb controllers work in Aerofly with VR Hands? Sensitivity, functionality, precision, control?

    I've never actually used the VR hands before as I prefer the tactile feedback, always used my HOTAS etc, but I'll give it a go.

    Can you state how the Reverb controllers work in Aerofly with VR Hands? Sensitivity, functionality, precision, control?

    All seems to function ok, I'm a bit clumsy with the VR hands due to lack of tactile feedback, but I could fly the R22 around ok. You can get a pointy finger ok with the WMR controller for pressing things, and it allows you to do grippy hands to grab controls.

    I just got my Reverb and wanted to give a bit of feedback, happy to say it worked first time and looks amazing. Those great framerates really help and it's a smooth and exceptionally sharp appearance. TE Netherlands looks super and you can see so much detail in the cockpit. Reverb+FS2=big win :thumbup:

    One day I will get access to the heli tmd and the new engines, until then I plod on

    This would be the single most desired thing in the whole of flightsimming to me. Keep the faith and I hope you get what you need to finish one day soon. I can't understand why there is no really well done Lynx out there (not that I've found anyway)

    I love the R22 also, it shows a great deal of potential for helicopters in AFS2 but I haven't heard a whisper about any others to join it either from IPACS or any third parties. You'd hope that once they cracked the first one, any others might be an easier build, but I suppose they have a lot on with other parts of the sim.

    I got an email from Orbx this morning saying I can get 30% off of X-Plane 11 and True Earth GB for X-Plane if I order by April 8th. There are some nice screenies on the site too and it says it is also for FSX but not discounted for it. It does not mention AFS2.

    I am wondering how far away our version is then?

    I think that offer is to publicise the OrbXP11 demo version they have just released.

    It's great to see 3rd party developers coming on board and I'll certainly support this one even though I generally have little interest in this type of plane personally. It can only be a good thing for the sim, and I'm sure it will open my eyes to the joys of general aviation craft.