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    Cool! And just as with the Duchess a lot of features are announced that aren't available in AFS2 itself... so I am really looking forward to what will actually be simulated!

    BTW That cockpit... wow, that really is my kind of GA cockpit! I love Pipers! So much nicer than Cessna's! ;)

    Agreed, and what with Orbx TE GB South, in VR, simmimg in AFS2 will be so cool.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I appreciate it!

    I've made some great progress today with almost all of the controls implemented and many of the indicators. I've also begun incorporating proper fuel systems which is coming along very nicely. It's all coming together!

    This is going to be a must have aircraft, I can’t wait👍

    Yes the new Thrustmaster Pedals are superb. I tried them out in Las Vegas and found them very heavy duty and nice and wide. Maybe my CH Pro pedals, which have served me well, are now due for retirement:)

    I was running 382.05.

    I have now updated again to the latest 382.33 and you are correct AFS2 now works fine on my monitor but I get the dark screen on my CV1 so cannot see anything even though in oculus devices all is green/ok.

    Not sure where I go from here.

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    I do not have the very latest NVIDIA driver for my graphics card as it results in me having problems with my oculus rift. However I do not have a problem when running P3DV4 or Elite Dangerious which both work perfectly, as did AFS2 until recently.

    I have always used the resolution 3840x2160 as it is the native res. of my monitor.

    The lines I was concerned about are those trying to creat a FBO and then saying the format 3840x2160 is not supported!

    As I cannot enter the AFS2 configuration window I am unable to change this resolution to something else so not sure what I can do!

    This is the first time that AFS2 has failed to load the setup screen as it has always worked perfectly in VR and in 2D monitor mode. I have had graphic card driver problems but after reinstalling the NVidia driver for my 780Ti all is now ok except with AFS2.

    Cannot seem to upload the tm file with Microsoft Edge so am including the last part of the text file.

    2.08-tmwinogl: gl: reducing max texture size from 16384 to 4096
    2.08-tmmodule: gl: using depthmap texture array
    2.08-tmwinogl: gl: nvidia meminfo: total=3072MB dedicated=3072MB)
    2.09-tmwinogl: gl: possible total mem: 3072MB
    2.09-aerofly: resolution=3840px ss=560.00mm density=6.86 -> csf=1.00 res=3840.000000
    2.10-aerofly: create fbo = 3840 2160 samples=0
    2.15-tmcompress: FBO format unsupported
    2.15-aerofly: ERROR: (error creating screen framebuffer with size 3840x2160)
    2.17-aerofly: window size=3840x2160 physical display size=560mmx350mm
    2.18-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fontdisplay.tff'=(512x512) (h=37) (nc=8365) ok
    2.19-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/hud.tff'=(256x512) (h=48) (nc=123) ok
    2.21-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/fonthelp.tff'=(512x512) (h=51) (nc=256) ok
    2.22-tmrenderer_font: loading font 'texture/segment.tff'=(256x512) (h=48) (nc=124) ok

    any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

    Lol, that is so true. I have a 40 inch 4K monitor but when I want to really fly my sim. it's always with theOculus Rift, you cannot beat it for the immersion, it's just like real life flying.

    How do you propose to write/type while wearing the rift?

    I know Flyinside (for FSX/P3D) has the ability to display pdf while in VR.

    It will be essential to be able to write in VR when flying with ATC on-line, VAT sim or Pilotedge. Most real life pilots have a knee board so a possible solution would be to to write on a tablet which is wirelessly connected to your pc. If it has an app to link with ASF2 then it could be possible to see your writing on a virtual knee board.

    I notice I need something to write down and read for instance VOR freqs and radials from and which I can look at during a flight. Headings and things like that. Going to the menu or taking off the Rift kills the immersion. Is there an app or something that could do this in AFS2 while using the Rift?

    Yes agree that this is will be essential. I started a thread on this when I was looking into Pilotedge assuming that they will eventually support ASF2

    My rather elaborate idea was that you could have a real iPad fixed in place near yoke etc and the iPad would dual display its screen to the PC which would be displayed on a virtual iPad n the cockpit. Then you could use the iPad in VR and have physical contact with a real iPad. I guess that needs leap motion to see your hands, so a static notepad displayed in cockpit is probably the way to start.

    Thinking about leap motion, if the virtual finger of the hand could write when hovering over a virtual kneeboard then that may be the solution, for writing that is.