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    Many thanks again for your response, time and effort in explaining some technicalities and giving your constructive opinion.
    I guess what I am hoping is that AF2 one day will be the "complete" flightsim, and not as it may well be going direction wise as a joyful game with stunning, very limited, flat photoscenery.
    The engine is superb. Currently it is like having a Mini with a restricted Ferrari engine in it. I am not impatient, but like others, am unsure of the intended long term direction of Ipacs. They proudly, and it is their right, state they do not necessarily communicate widely, nor frequently, which only leads to questions like mine being initiated.

    Many thanks for the detailed explanation Antoine. Maybe I am being a bit stupid here but despite all the explanation, my point was that the default sceneries in FSX/P3D ares not blurred. I also stated that I knew it wasn't accurate as far as being a true representation of the area, but it was not blurred.
    I am only asking if the non DLC parts of the world can be made in a texture that isn't blurry. it doesn't have to be HiRes but just a bit higher so that it could look similar to the default global scenery (without autogen or landclass etc, for now) of FSX/P3D. It is the quality of the global photo I am questioning.
    It is not really that important as AF2 in my opinion is great in the DLC areas, although my personal preference is to have autogen as well to enhance the low and slow immersion.
    By the way I think that the mesh quality in AF2 is absolutely superb, and also that the New York DLC is the most realistic scenery ever made for a flight sim, and my congratulations go to all at Ipacs for their work in that.

    In one of the replies I got to this post it was stated that the default world scenery textures were blurred in the other sims when first purchased. I do not recall them being blurred, just of not a very good quality or representation. Adding FTX Global Base changed that.
    The Global Base was a 4-5GB download and there is no blurred textures that I can see in the "world" non-enhanced areas.
    So I am not understanding why a Global Base type or even Global Base itself could not be an answer to the current situation. I of course can only judge things on comparisons to FSX and P3D and am fully aware that AF2 is a completely different animal. Would it not be possible to get the rest of the world scenery at least to look half decent. The HiRes DLC's could overwrite the Global sceneries when flying in a HiRes area. Dovetails sim has Global Base and yet again I emphasise that I know it is FSX based and not the same as AF2 so it maybe comparing apples to oranges, but would like to know if the concept at least is doable.

    Thanks for the input sir. I will now leave this topic since you say you see the same as i do. Maybe a good reason to get something like a FTX Global Base type DLC to cover the rest of the world. That wasn't "ginormous" only "very large" but it certainly did a job!

    To add further details to my current problem, I have all my graphics settings to Ultra.
    Is there an equivalent of a LOD setting in AF2 or is all that done in the Graphics options?
    The problem i have is not related to the capabilities of the GPU as I have no problem in maintaining perfect visuals with the HiRes DLCs from any height, which I would have thought would be more taxing on the GPU than the low res.
    Any ideas, or is this what others see?

    Thanks HiFlyer, I was aware of that statement hence my question. I do not see what it purports I should be able to see. The ground is blurry, never crisp no matter what height I am at.
    I don't think it is my GPU which is only a 780 but it was known as the baby 1080 for a while, and have no problems seeing any photo scenery in the "other" sim.

    I know that the non DLC scenery is of a much lower quality than the HiRes DLC stuff but I cannot get that scenery not to be blurred. Would someone guide me as to what altitude i should be at so that the generic scenery appears non blurred. I have gone as high as 35000 ft and it is still blurry.

    No addiction at all but thanks for the unnecessary comment.
    There are others in my house who need to use the internet for far more serious uses than me just downloading a sim addon. Therefore it would not be 2 days but well over that period as i would need to stop the download as the download takes up all the available bandwidth of my net connection rendering the net unavailable to others. I have the same problem with Windows 10 updates rendering the net as non usable until updates finish downloading. My wife had a new laptop and it updated to the Anniversary edition over a period of 8 hours. No one else could use the net.
    So you see it is nothing to do with being impatient, addicted or juvenile in my demands. It is to do solely with my poor internet connection in relation to very large GB downloads.
    By the way I do fly P3D 99% of the time. Thankfully it is not on Steam and I can play and download when i want and when convenient.

    Thanks but not really the same as using an external, non Steam download. Yes i can log out of Steam and the download stops but my problem is not about stopping the download more about the game being unavailable.
    So far I have restricted the time permissable to download to 11pm to 6am.
    I have managed to get out of the Beta programme
    I have Deleted the download Cache.
    I start Steam in Offline mode.
    Non of those has prevent the download from starting/continuing.
    My Steam programme is not on C drive so maybe it is making all the changes but not actually implementing them.
    Opening Steam in Offline after rebooting the PC having made all the changes it started the download again !
    Edit:I now see that non of the changes I have made have been applied.
    I also have no option regarding Automatic Updates. It only offers
    1. Always keep the game up to date
    2. Only Update when I launch the game
    3. High Priority always update this game before others

    Thanks for your reply.
    I am unable to untick AFS2 Beta option. The option is unavailable and remains on Beta.Maybe you can help in this.
    I have done the suggested download times setting.
    I am offline,
    Still won't allow me to play.
    What happens if i choose the "Clear download cache" option? Will it remove only the current partial download of AFS2 or ALL downloaded items in my my Steam Apps?

    I am again unable to play the sim because ****** Steam is updating a 12 GB AFS2 update.
    This is totally unacceptable. I have no options to refuse updates nor an option to download the update in my own time via a non Steam option like via a download manager. It is fine for those with high speed internet but at 200 Kbps I am notified it will take me 1.5 DAYS to download this update rendering the game/sim unplayable.
    I hate Steam for this reason alone.
    Thanks for listening.
    PS. Yes I have been through ALL the options available in Steam from Offline ( "an error has occurred in downloading the update as you have no internet connection") etc etc etc.

    I agree but no support from Steam available even in the discussion forum. No luck either with Off line. Thinking of ditching it as my patience is ebbing rapidly. I will let it finish this 54 GB download over the next day or so and the problem persists I will ask for a refund.
    Thanks for your help/suggestion anyway.

    Yes I agree but no advice coming from ipacs either. Yesterday I tried the Clear Download cache in Steam but that set my download time back to over 2 days! I don't trust the time statement because the download folder already had 22 GB in it.
    I want ipacs to tell me why I can't play the game while it appears I am only downloading an additional DLC. This is crazy. I took 2.5 days to download the original and 2 DLCs, played 4hrs, now I can't play for another 2 days. 4 hrs play in over 5 days!