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    Thanks, Peter, but ... Let's see:

    What exactly is the procedure to follow? It would be: 1) .- I delete from my current PC, FS 2 2) .- Download on the new PC, FS 2?. Thus, without more controls by Steam ?. I suppose there will be a logical sequence of control by Steam, I suppose they will require a verification that I have deleted FS 2 from my current PC, before proceeding to download it again on another PC. Is not it? Do you have any experience of this process?

    Thank you for answering. Ragards:

    Thanks Jan.

    It is evident that I have expressed myself wrong. My wish is to download back to the HDD or SDD of the new PC. That's why I need to ask Steam for information on how to carry out this process, since I am going to change my PC for a more powerful one. Since you have answered, can you provide me with the link with Steam, or give me the instructions on how to do it? Thank you very much for your quick response.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I need to replace my CPU with a more powerful one, therefore, I especially request Keventions to inform me of the Steam technical support link to receive information on how I should re-download "FS2" on the new CPU. I will also appreciate the information requested from any other user.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Well, I started this thread last October, asking if it would be possible to retrieve the in-flight views from the tower. I see that since then that possibility has not been restored.

    This condition occurs only in scenarios produced by users. I have seen that it is also requested by TomSimMuc, flightxtreme, etc. have the vision plane in flight from tower. Those of us who like acrobatics, that vision of flight is very pleasant and we use it very frequently.

    I hope he recovers again.

    Kin regards: Delfin

    Hola Steve

    I wonder if the result I have obtained will be of any use to you. This has happened:

    1) .- If I load Apache, the screen appears completely black.

    2) .- If I have any other aircraft at a certain height flying, I go out, select the Apacho and load it, it is loaded, but it remains completely immobile at that same height. No key has any effect on it, except the Esc key, which I return to the initial screen to shit.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I don't really like helicopters, from FSX to Robinson R22 the latter, I recognize that initially it was difficult to pilot; in the end, in "easy mode", I was able to pilot it without excessive difficulties. However, I did not enjoy in the helicopter as in the airplanes, especially, in the small ones, and above all: with the acrobatic ones.

    I was waiting for the release of this EC135.T1, which being much older, would be less of a dancer, and consequently, maybe I could enjoy more than with the previous ones.

    Its release was announced well in advance, with the phrase "caming soon." I was intrigued by the enormous number of times that very often, I read that expression: caming soon.

    At the end when its launch was announced, I was looking for how to download it and couldn't find a way to do it. About 8 days after its release, casually reviewing the FS 2 aircraft squad, surprisingly I found it: It had been downloaded automatically without my participation. I was happy to see him among the other planes. Thanks for that, Ipacs.

    I immediately started it, and I was very surprised how docile its lift was, with little effect from the tail rotor, it rises smoothly, it translates with great smoothness and elegance. The exterior view in flight, is frankly impressive, and impressive the "music of its engine". Seen at an inclination with respect to its longitudinal axis and somewhat higher than the helicopter, it is extraordinarily beautiful. In my opinion, with the yellow or red colors, it is even more beautiful.

    It also has a very well designed instrument panel, which makes the visibility from the pilot's seat very pleasant.

    Thank you again Ipacs for this "wonderful flying piece of art "

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Steve

    I have read your post and ... I was curious about that Apache. I have been reading your posts in the Forum with some attention for a long time, especially for all the infinite difficulties and questions you asked asking for help to solve the difficulties you were in. OMG! : 20,933 lines of code and hours of work ...

    It occurred to me to download your Apache and check its behavior.

    I was never passionate about helicopters; in fact, the R 22 did not cost me excessively, but the EC-135 is doing it, which is really smooth and very docile in flight. Therefore, I was curious about your Apache, which I also initially "not difficult to tame". I think I'm going to enjoy this work of yours.

    Congratulations for that enormous effort until reaching those 20,933 lines of code, and seeing your work of art fly.

    Kind ragards: DElfin

    These are user made airports.

    Does the camera work at any of user made airport? If yes, then it's a matter of updating that airport maybe. If it doesn't work at any user made airport then we will have to find the issue on our side.

    The camera does not work in any of the user-created airports, including:

    Santiago (LEST), Vigo (LEVX), Asturias (LEAS), Ibiza (LEIB), Mallorca (LEPA), Menorca (LEMH), etc.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    After the last update, the view of the plane in flight seen from the tower has disappeared. It was produced by pressing the 5 key on the keyboard. I think that by pressing this key, we obtained 3 different views with 3 consecutive keystrokes; now only one view is visible (camera in flight behind the plane).

    I beg the recovery of this function.

    Thanks and, kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Sylvain

    1º).-Have you made any update or new version of the Cesnna 152 ?. I ask you this because I cannot load the previous one as well as the Tecnan.

    2º) .- I see that the change of red color on the cockpit does not respond (in flight only white appears).

    Thank you very much for your contribution and enrichment of Aerofly FS 2

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I have uploaded a new version for those having problems with latest update of AFS2…p?entry/694-tecnam-p2008/

    Hola Silvan

    If you have read my thread "CAN ANYBODY HELP ME?", You will already know that your planes do not load me. I have already seen your post and I have downloaded the Tecnan P2008 again.

    1º) .- I see that the change of red color on the cockpit does not respond (in flight only white appears).

    2nd) .- I don't know what keys I have manipulated (having the plane on the screen) that appeared at the top of the screen, an almost white strip about a quarter of the height of the screen's surface, and on that strip, columns lines of very tiny text in red. I think that this text could be lines of code from some file. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I can't delete it. Can you think of something to eliminate them?

    Regarsd: Delfin

    Since it did not work according to the copied files, I made the decision to delete the Krzysztof aircraft folders, and re-download them from "GitHub, repositiries" and they work correctly, all except one: "Sbach 300" which has disappeared from repositories, therefore I could not download it, but the initial version continues in its folder. I have copied the file " option.tmc "at the end, but it doesn't work either.

    In the previous message, it was not well described (the syntax used, created confusion for me already seen).

    Jan, with his message, super brief, gave me the key. That's the correct syntax: { Copy the "option.tmc" not "c172.tmc"} and just like he says,I have copied from the folder "c172" the file "option.tmc" to the folders of the planes:

    Sbach 300, Tecnan P2008, P2008 and Cesnna 152, and none work.

    For your repeated efforts, thank you Jan and, thank you Stratospheric

    Kind regards : Delfin

    Hola Stratospheric

    1º) .- How has it occurred to you, or how did you deduce that the Cesnna 172 file could solve this problem on another plane that does not belong to IPACS?

    2nd) .- I copied and pasted the file: "c172 -> 172.tmc" in the plans: Tomahowk, Rutan Lon-EZ, Sbach 300 and Tecnan P2008 and none of them works.

    I am enclosing a copy of the screen for your verification.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    From where you have copied and where you have pasted this file: "c172 option.tmc".

    You have said in all of them; I really don't understand that. Can you explain it more fully? Now all the planes that I have listed work for you?

    Regards: Delfin

    Again with you, Jan:

    You have not answered these one question, (in Post # 8), please, I await your answer:

    Manipulating with the archives and the Zip, I have the doubt if I have unintentionally copied a file in the Aerofly FS 2 file list. I mean the file "tm.7z" (above "tm.log"). (Post # 8)

    Regards: Delfin