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    I'm still here Delfin. Just focusing more on moving us forward than dealing with nonsense

    Good morning Jeff

    I know you're there, but I don't think you're as an "active moderator".

    Currently on some threads (and specifically this one), it became annoying, unacceptable. It cannot be repeated and reiterated until exhaustion. Literature and more literature that leads to nothing, except the fatigue of always reading the same thing and always answering the same thing.

    My reference to you, was simply so that you cut the course of that thread, that more than achieving something positive, what it does is create annoyance to those who use reason and intelligence in the resolution of the demands made to IPACS.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Dear colleagues:

    It is evident that we have entered into a dialectical battle of demands towards IPACS, which is leading us nowhere, except to confrontation between us members of this Forum, and this is detrimental to us.

    IPACS cannot resolve our demands as quickly as we request; Furthermore, these demands are many and quite complex. In my opinion for lack of programmers, and that I suppose is not easy to solve. The management knows our demands, if we are not pleased, it is because they cannot do it, and as much as you reiterate, it will not be achieved with the agility that is demanded.

    Lately also, the personal insult has already been reached, and that is even worse. Good reasons have been put forward by competent partners, but when we stumble, the arguments have no effect. I think that new members have arrived today in a very radical attitude that does not benefit the intellectual health of this community.

    I am almost missing Jeff, these threads, I think they must be cut before the requests become so insistent, so virulent. If IPACS does not please us, it is simply because it is impossible for them. Those who do not understand it, I think I should leave this peaceful Forum. We do not need so much belligerence in our demands, they are well known.

    I do not wish to disturb anyone, but I consider this repeated insistence ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. This is simply my point of view.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    This image reflects the work of 4 artists: Schnuffelduffel, IZOJUB ,Brunnobellic and TomSimMuc

    You are formidable, great luck to have met you (even if it is only virtually)

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Good morning, Michael

    It is the first time that a member of this Forum not only solves my difficulty, but also does so in bilingual: English and my own language (Spanis). Yes Michael, you are the first with me, to take this initiative. This especially shows your correctness in human treatment, and your sensitivity.

    For all this, thank you, thank you, doubly thank you. This is the best community I have ever known. As it is said in my language: "sois formidables"= "you are formidable!". Formidable and decisive.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hello IZOJUB (Michael)

    I have installed your cultivation of the Balearic Islands, and I am especially interested in the IBIZa island together with the Burnnobellic airport.

    The image shows the cultivation of the buildings, but have you not cultivated the soil? If yes, where to find it?

    Previously I isolated the mesh: "ES-Baleares20" from TomSimMuc in:

    Dcuments \ Aerofly fs2 \ Scenery \ elevation \ Es-Baleares20

    With this installation of the TomSimMuc mesh in the indicated folder, the computer crashes while loading the "location". It occurred to me to copy the mesh in the same folder of your Cultivation and it works, but with the resolution that you can see in the image.

    Thank you for your work.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hi stochmal

    First of all, welcome to this Forum

    Second, if it is not too much to ask: could you upload a video (even a short one) in this Forum in which we can see, what I think you say can be seen? I await it with real interest.

    If what I am thinking is true, I think you would bring a real revolution to this Simulator.

    I am looking forward to that new contribution of yours.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Thomas y Peter

    You had told me Peter, that Hawaii had a high density of information. It did not seem so since most of the surface does not have buildings.

    Well, for information density we have Manhattan; I do not think that there exists in this Sim, any area with more buildings and, consequently, greater density of information. Well, there, my Sim flies without the slightest difficulty, and in any other region.

    However, since you two, Thomas and you, are the only ones who are fighting to solve this difficulty, and also in a very intense and constant way (something that I thank you very especially), I also tried to help with reasoning broader, although less precise, due to my ignorance of that programming.

    After going around and around: Why is it only possible for me to take off from Port Allen, fly a short period of time, and ... crash. ? What is special about this airport over the others, in which I can do absolutely nothing ?. This is really amazing!

    Well ... going back to your reasoning Peter: remember that I decreased the resolution from "high to medium", and it remained the same. And ... why not decrease to "low"?   Peter could be right.

    So I did and ... I was amazed: Peter was right !!. It works perfectly at all airports, and also with reasonable good resolution.

    Well comrades, very well fought friends, I am very, very grateful. You deserve a hug (well, I give you a virtual hug).

    Kind regard: Delfin

    Hola Thomas

    Deleted all 7 folders, and after 3 flight attempts over the island, exactly the same results; I only fly on the Runway "Port Alen" less than half a minute. Then it crashes. In short: nothing changes

    Regards: Delfin

    I have always flown in OpenGL. On one occasion I have switched to Vulkan and it gave me a problem that I do not remember now.

    My limit frame rate = 120 fps.

    Regards: Delfin

    Again: hola Peter

    I have just finished a test based on what you affirm (which is not crazy: that VRAM could influence this anomaly).

    I lowered the resolution from Graphics quality: "high to medium". I re-tested the island with identical results as before lowering the resolution. This test I consider quite conclusive. You may be right, but in this case, I find it hard to believe that this problem is caused by the VRAM of only 2 GB.

    Anyway, Peter, I appreciate the effort of your analysis and exposition

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I'm afraid your videocard with 2GB VRAM is the problem, for detailed scenery it's best to have a videocard with 4GB VRAM or more.....

    You can upload your tm.log by choosing attachments in the reply box.

    Peter, I exactly on this subject, I do not know enough to deny what you affirm, but if that VRAM works perfectly in any other latitude, why not in Hawaii?

    Hola Thomas

    Attached I send you what you have asked me.

    Caja Semitorre 550W
    Procesador AMD Phenom II X4 965- 3,4 Ghz.
    Placa base Asus M5-A78LM-LX
    Memoria Ram Kingston 8Gb. DDR3
    Disco duro Seagate 1 Tb
    Grafica ATi Radeon 7750 con 2Gb.
    Lector tarjetas interno
    Monitor LG o Samsung HD Led 22"
    Teclado y ratón Logitech
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64Bits -->{Windows Profesional 64 bits}

    According to this message, I cannot send you the file "tm.log" for exceeding 10,000 characters. However, I am sure it can be done. Tell me how it's done.

    The message is too long, must be under 10,000 characters.

    Regards: Delfin

    Hola Peter and Michael:

    Following your insturctions I almost succeed: complete infrastructures are created, but ... hard to believe what happens next !:

    At last I could see the island with its runways but when selecting a specific runway, it happens:

    1) .- It takes a long time to load; near the end, this message appears on the screen:

    Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator main executable stopped working.

    And the PC crashed.

    I remembered that this was undoing, deleting the "main.mcf". So I did and I guess this file was restored. I tried again, and the problem remains exactly the same ..

    However, anywhere else in the world, the sim works correctly. Needless to say, the files are correctly copied to the "scenery" folder as you see in the attached image.

    Faced with this setback, I deleted the 3 scenery files (admitting that one was defective) and re-downloaded everything done by the creators of this scenario, and reinstalled it. Again I deleted again in file "main.mcf". I turned off the PC. and new I turned it on. I started again the attempt to fly over the islands ... with the same negative results.

    It occurred to me to try other runways, and the same problem happens, except with "Port Allen".

    In the latter, I met the plane on the runway; I took off correctly, but in less than 30 seconds (with the plane flying), it again crashed. That puzzled me.

    I tried again and again, and always with the same result. The maximum time it is flying is less than 60 seconds. And this behavior occurs only in Port Allen, in the other 3 runways, nor does the plane appear on the runway.

    I suppose that this strange behavior is very difficult to admit, but it is exactly how it happens.

    I do not need to repeat to you, that the first file to download and install, was the "US_HI_elevation".

    Well, dear companions, what is the reason for such strange behavior?

    I await your suggestions. and ... as life continues to be complicated, I will definitely forget about ... Hawaii. And ... I feel sorry for the artists who created this job well done, in that distant latitude.

    Kind regards: Delfin