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    Thanks Ronny and Thomas.

    This issue has finally become clear. The youtube video, I already knew it a long time ago, but I thought it was already

    It could fly over Google earth, with certain limitations. I see we will have to keep waiting a little longer.

    Once again, thank you very much for your insistence on solving my doubts.

    Kind regads: Delfin

    Thank you very much Ronny, for your interest in clarifying this topic. I really appreciate it deeply.

    I will explain, and now you will understand:

    Imagine that I want to download an area of 1,000 Km ^ 2 of "Google VR = (Google maps)" with my city in the center of that area. Once that surface or area is downloaded to my hard drive, I want to fly over it. It is on my hard drive, with a good resolution, therefore, I will see more detail, with greater result this whole scenario of 1,000 km ^ 2. ? Is it correct up to here ?.

    Now come my doubts:

    1) .- I can fly over that surface that I call "Gogle VR" on a flat screen (without headset).

    Generally, is the scenario far better (higher resolution) than any other non-Google earth scenario?

    2) .- I suppose I can fly over that surface (stage) really seeing in VR (that is, with that formidable and fantastic immersion, which is known as Virtual Reality). Of course, this feeling can only be achieved using headphones.

    And do me this other favor: You said that when you fly in VR, you don't pay attention to the flat screen vision, which is very logical. This is the favor I ask of you: Look once on a flat screen and tell me if the downloaded stage from Google VR looks better than another stage, NOT VR from Google earth.

    Let's see if I can finally understand this matter precisely

    I repeat: I am very grateful for your effort to clarify this issue for me.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hello Ronny and Andrew

    You left me very surprised with the final answers.

    If I download the "Google VR areas", but I cannot fly over them with Aerofly FS 2 planes, I wonder: So what is the purpose of that download?

    To fly over those scenarios in flat screen VR, I already have Google's own simulator.

    I think there is something here that escapes me, that I have not yet fully understood. Try

    clarify it for me, please.

    Regards: Delfin

    I currently have the following loaded: default SW USA scenery, SW USA texture pack, Utah, Colorado, Switzerland and Hawaii. I also have the following Orbx add-on airports: Innsbruck, Eagle County, Monterey and Palm Springs. The total installed size is about 145 GB.

    Hola Aroos:

    You have extended in your answer, I thank you very much, and ... you have extended being precise in your answers, but basically you describe to me what you have installed on your PC. All of this corresponds to FS 2, some other payware DLC, but no Google VR.

    I have downloaded everything concerning FS 2, by default and other paid DLCs, that occupies me on the hard disk = 158.97 GB.

    You say you have downloaded approximately 145 GB. Included are some Googlee VR downloads in that 145GB size. on your pc? .

    I deduce from your words that everything you describe to me in your last paragraph belongs to Aeorfly FS 2, and in all those areas and airports, nothing belongs to Google's VR. Right?.

    Excluding the surrounding areas of airports, cities very close to airports (such as Chicago, San Francisco, etc.), in my opinion, nothing can currently match in detail and resolution, shades of variety of colors, to Google VR. And that continues to be one of my questions:

    1º) .- If I want to fly over Google VR, previously I have to download the area on which I want to fly. Right?. Of course, I suppose those downloads will take up quite a bit of size on the hard drive, depending of course on the extent of the downloaded area. Do you have your VR downloaded on your PC?

    2º) .- How do you select the area you want to download? Do you know the procedure?

    3º) .- Once downloaded, I suppose I can fly it both on a flat screen with a headset. Is my guess correct?

    For all your effort in this writing, thank you very much.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you're asking if you can use a VR headset to fly an FS2 airplane in Google Earth VR, that's a big no.

    In Google VR you can "fly" but it's more like moving around like Superman. There is no plane. But yes, you can "fly" anywhere on the planet and the app won't fill up your hard drive.

    In FS2 you can use all the planes inside and outside the cockpit, just like on a flat screen

    Thanks Thuster; Yes, about flying as a superman, I suppose you mean flying in Google's own simulator (without plane), with 3 digital instruments that indicate: altitude, speed and heading. Yes, I have known that ... simulator for years and I fly frequently with it.

    My questions were simplifying: To fly on the Google VR scene, is it necessary to download the area you want to fly? Aroos has already answered me.

    Also, if after downloading the area you want to fly in VR, it can be seen on a flat screen with the same quality or resolution that I see flying with the Google simulator ?. Of course, I suppose that VR can also be seen, with any existing headset on the market.

    Thanks for your clarifications, Thuster

    Kind reagards: Delfin

    Hola partners

    Is it so difficult to answer my elementary doubts? It is the first time that this happens to me in this Forum

    I await your clarifications. Thank you

    Regards: Delfin

    After joining the Forum that I had not participated in for about 8 months, I found advertising to download VR from Google.

    I asked the Forum if I could play (fly) on that VR, and the very short answer was: yes, but only with a Rift headset or another equivalent. Naturally, the response has been so brief, that I continue with the same doubts. What are the same doubts? These:

    Is it possible to fly anywhere on the planet with a VR headset? .

    To fly over Google's VR, it would have to be previously downloaded to the PC. certain regions you want to fly over, but that would take up a huge amount of hard drive. If not, how can you fly over that area of the planet? Please, if someone wants to spend a few minutes writing, please describe it to me.

    Can I fly with any FS 2 aircraft, in the cockpit, from abroad, etc?

    From inside or outside the plane, does the outdoor scenery look like Google VR correctly?

    In advance, thanks to those who take this trouble.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Jan

    This time, it has been widely explained, especially for "non-experts in this discipline". Although Thomas had already exposed it to understand it correctly. This time Jan, your response has served as confirmation of what I have asked Thomas. You are a treasure in this community. Thanks and thanks again.

    Now another simple question: I had 2 icons on my screen (on the right); one was a shell, which I do not remember well its meaning. The other icon was a vertical arrow, whose function was to raise the plane vertically and manually, about 700 or 800 feet. (the function that the "L" key played in FS1).

    Both icons have disappeared with the deletion of the "main.mcf" file. How can I get them back on the screen?

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Thomas:

    Thanks for your quick response, but there is something that surprises me, it is the following:

    1)).- If I am flying with a certain plane, then I delete it and reload the Sim, does this cause me this anomaly ?. Apparently this cannot happen (I suppose it cannot happen). I'm wrong?. If this happens systematically, in my opinion, that program is not sufficiently debugged and well finished. This anomaly should not occur when removing any aircraft.

    2) .- According to your reasoning (I understand it this way), if I eliminate any airplane that is installed, but that is not the last one that I have flown, nothing would happen. Is my guess correct?

    3) .- I suppose that due to my ignorance of the programming (especially this programming), I have a lot of respect and care in not touching these files: gc-map-mcf; main-mcf; ...etc. And I ask again: according to you explain, this file "main-mcf", which has been removed, is automatically rebuilt when loading the sim. It is what I deduce from your answer. Right?.

    I have not yet deleted it, and I await your confirmation.
    Again, thanks for your help.
    Kind regarads: Delfin

    Um meine Nachricht zu sehen, ist die deutsche Übersetzung korrekter

    Vergib mir Jan, aber ich verstehe deine Nachricht nicht richtig. Mal schauen:

    1º) .- Google übersetzt den ersten Teil für mich: "Sie müssen Ihr Flugzeug wechseln, bevor Sie es deinstallieren". Wie:

    "Sie müssen Ihr Flugzeug wechseln, bevor Sie es deinstallieren."

    Übersetzen Sie "switch = change", was mir NICHT richtig erscheint. Ich kenne das Wort Schalter, wie man wechselt, wechselt, aber ... ändert?

    Bitte klären Sie diesen ersten Punkt für mich. Was heißt das ?)

    2), Sie bitten mich, die gesamte "main-mcf" -Datei zu löschen. Ich denke später (und automatisch) wird sich diese Datei selbst wiederherstellen. Ist das so?

    You have to switch your plane before you uninstall it. Please delete your main.mcf file to reset the recent aircraft setting.

    Hola Jan

    Forgive me Jan, but I don't understand your message correctly. Let's see:

    1º) .- Google translates the first part for me: "You have to switch your plane before you uninstall it". how:

    "You have to change your plane before uninstalling it."

    Translate "switch = change", which does NOT seem correct to me. I know the word switch, how to switch, switch, but, ... change ?.

    Please clarify this first point for me. What does it mean ?)

    2), You ask me to delete the whole "main-mcf" file. I guess later (and automatically) that file will reestablish itself. Is that so?

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Regards: Delfin

    Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator main executable stopped working.

    The program stopped working correctly due to a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution.

    I close the program, wait for the windows notification, but the notification does not arrive.

    BACKGROUND: This happened after downloading the plane "addon = c212 (CASA)", unzip it, copy it to:

    Aerofly FS 2 \ addons \ aircraft \ c212 (Casa).

    It was working properly but I didn't like it, and I deleted it. I immediately reloaded the program and it stopped practically 5 seconds later, with the message that I played in blue at the beginning of this communication.

    Of course, I have not entered any of the files:






    NOTE: as I mentioned, it starts loading but 5 seconds later, it stops. However, the advertisements that appear on the screen, if I click on them, reproduce them perfectly.

    Where do I start to investigate this anomaly?

    Regards: Delfin

    Thank you Michael

    I see you changed the structure of the base. Now, first you have to click on the country of the world-map, and the list with all the creations of that country is displayed. It is very correct, perhaps better than the previous list that I was referring to. I suppose that one has disappeared.

    Once again, thank you very much

    Hi Ray

    What else can I do, but wait, a month, two or whatever he decides. He has to make his decisions with absolute freedom. • He knows that he is valued here, he is loved; He is a decisive man, and every minimally responsible community must value and respect its decisive members. It doesn't matter that someone has treated you improperly.

    Unfortunately, there is always someone who does not know how to treat others as they deserve; it is an undesirable human condition, but it is here, among us, and we have to bear its mistakes.

    I said, Krzysztof, decide when you decide, we wait for you and you will be welcome.

    Best regards

    Thanks for the address Peter: however, I was asking for another base, which is configured by countries (online), and below that line, all the creations of that country made by users appear. I remember that then it was "pmb" (Michael II), it was he who updated that information base. Who can provide me with that information base?

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi colleagues

    Antigoon said:

    "Kryz's work was bashed time and time again."

    Antigoon, thanks for this information, which I did not know. Also thanks "docado". Anyway, after repeated accusations against Krzysz, I wonder if someone from this Forum has defended Krzysz. And I also wonder if this succession of accusations was carried out by a single member of the Forum, or by several. If there were several, that accusatory attitude is still much more serious. How can one be so ungrateful, with a man who has brought to the Forum, those of us who like to fly, so many original planes?

    A man who joins the Forum contributes a repository of 56 aircraft, of which the list I present here are all aircraft that fly reasonably well (some such as the Piper PA-38 Tomahacwk,, Rutan Long_EZ; Rutan Quickie 2; Zlin 526 and Z lin Z-50 LX; Yak 18 T; Edgley EA-7 Optica; P-51 Mustang; Bleriot XI, etc. frankly well); How can you be bothered, or even be offended repeatedly?

    Whether it was just one or several who offended him, I tell you this:

    Krzysz made a considerable number of planes available to us; some very old, others not so much, and that despite not being definitively finished to fly correctly, most fly reasonably well. No one forces you to fly with them. You have the right not to use them, but at least you must respect their decision to offer them to this community free of charge, and you must also respect that the vast majority of the members of this Forum accept willingly and enjoy these aircraft despite all its shortcomings.

    I do not dislike criticism, but when it is well founded, when it is right. Here there are professionals of the computer science, of the graphic design, programmers etc, who contribute to this community their knowledge, their help to many who need it (me among them); some have even contributed planes and very well finished. How can we not thank them? Well, Krzysztof has contributed more than all the others. And because not everyone flies correctly, (the instrument panel does not work correctly, etc.), do we have the right to punish him repeatedly and offensively?

    I suppose adapting all those planes to fly in "FS 2" will have cost Krzysztof quite a few hours of work. We all like (and it is very human) that we are paid for our work, and ... how much have we paid Krzysztof for all those hours that he has not offered?

    I am the first to do so: Krzysztof, return to this Forum. Despite everything, the majority, THE IMMENSE MAJORITY of the members of this Forum, we ask you to come back and we thank you for that collection of flying machines that you have voluntarily given us.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Hola Schnuffelduffel (Marcos)

    Something special: Would you find it very laborious to cultivate the "city of Santiago" within a square of approximately 7 km on each side = (7 x 7 km), and then superimpose it on the current cutivation? (Could it even be a square on the side <7 km as long as it covers the entire city.)

    What I ask here, Marcos, is if you could do it with a minimum of effort and time spent in those processes; otherwise, leave it as it is. I think you have sacrificed enough for the cultivatiom of this area of the N.W. of Sapin, and I do not wish to subject you to another long sacrifice. I tell you this, with great frankness and sincerity: if it is complex and laborious, leave it as it is.

    Kind regards: Delfin

    Ich hoffe, das hat alle Deine Fragen beantwortet.


    Hola Marcos, Hola, users of this Forum

    "This post I have already translated into English; but to those of the "non-English language", please do the translation of the version" in Spanish "that continues at the end; thus, the text will only undergo a translation and consequently will have less translation errors (this will be a more correct message). I have observed that with double translation, considerable errors are made. "

    Of course, and with much greater breadth and depth, than I expected. Congratulations and I am deeply grateful for this creative effort. Your post has been very timely in this thread and in the current circumstances.

    Yes, Schnuffelduffel, yes, Marcos, I consider your broad and convincing answer to be very necessary and useful. I look with disappointment, a kind of fear, of ... subordination, of fear of expressing the truth about this complex process of cultivation. Complex and very difficult. Wouldn't it be better to do less cultivation and higher quality? And this idea, does Schnuffelduffel offer me with his wide answer? I observe an enormous rush in this Forum, in cultivation of this entire planet, a large number of areas transformed with terrible quality. And from what Marco showed with his wide response, it is possible to do quality. You can make very good quality, but less quantity. And ... I ... prefer it! , You dont?

    Yes, I see that users are afraid to express "their truth" about the cultivation process. Many of the users of this Forum have much more knowledge than I do of the cultivation process and the programs that generate that process ("ScenProc"). They have seen the result of that process, and it is not acceptable. I am sure that they think the same as me: it is not acceptable! So why don't they write it? . But they must do so with serious, analytical, meticulous criticism, being convinced that they are right, and in this case, criticism must be directed at the process of cultivation and cultivation itself, and NOT at its author.

    However, my experience in this Forum has not been like this: they launched themselves at me, accusing me without reason that I was accusing IZOJUB. Do you understand how easy it is to be wrong without having previously reflected on what is done?

    And those who do cultivation or any other process: planes, helicopters, etc. I encourage you to endure criticism; most of the time, they are without foundation and without reason. They are only NOT criticized, those who never did anything!

    And I must add (and I add): the things that are not well done, we must criticize them; otherwise, they will never improve.

    Kind regards: Delfin


    Hola Marcos, hola usuarios de este Foro

    " Este post ya lo he traducido al inglés; pero a los de lengua "no inglesa", les ruego hagan la traducción de la versión "en español" que continúa al final; así el texto, solo sufrirá una traducción y en consecuencia tendrá menos errores de traducción (será un mensaje más correcto). He observado que con doble traducción, se cometen considerables errores."

    Ich hoffe, das hat alle Deine Fragen beantwortet

    Desde luego, y con mucha mayor amplitud y profundidad ,de lo que yo esperaba. Enhorabuena y te quedo profundamente agradecido por este esfuerzo creativo. Tu post ha sido muy oportuno en este hilo y en las actuales circunstancias.

    Si ,Schnuffelduffel, si, Marcos, considero muy necesaria y útil, tu amplia y convincente respuesta. Observo con decepción, una especie de temor, de...subordinación, de miedo a expresar la verdad sobre este complejo proceso de cultivation. Complejo y muy difícil. ¿No sería mejor hacer menor cantidad de cultivation y mayor calidad ?. Y esta idea, me la ofrece Schnuffelduffel con su amplia respuesta ?. Observo una enorme prisa en este Foro, en hacer cultivation de todo este planeta, gran cantidad áreas transformadas con pésima calidad. Y por lo que demostró con su amplia respuesta Marco, es posible hacer calidad. Se puede hacer muy buena calidad, pero menos cantidad. ¡ Y...yo ...lo prefiero!. ¿Vosotros... no?

    Si, veo que los usuarios, tienen temor a expresar "su verdad" sobre el proceso de cultivation. Buena parte de los usuarios de este Foro, tienen mucho más conocimiento que yo, del proceso de cultivation y los programa que generan ese proceso ("ScenProc"). Ellos han visto el resultado de ese proceso, y no s aceptable. Estoy seguro, que ellos piensan lo mismo que yo: ¡ no es aceptable!. Entonces , ¿por qué no lo escriben? . Pero deben hacerlo con una crítica seria, analítica, meticulosa, estando convencidos de que tienen razón, y en este caso, la crítica debe ir dirigida al proceso de cultivation y cultivation en si, y NO, a su autor.

    Sin embargo la experiencia mía en este Foro, no ha sido así: se lanzaron contra mi, acusándome sin ninguna razón de que yo acusaba a IZOJUB. Comprendeis que fácil es equivocarse sin haber reflexionado previamente sobre lo que se hace?

    Y a los que haceis cultivation o cualquier otro proceso: aviones, helicpteros, etc. os animo a soportar las críticas; la mayoría de las veces, son sin fundamente y sin tener razón. ¡Unicamente NO son criticados, aquellos que jamás hicieron nada!

    Y debo añadir (y añado): las cosas que no están bien realizadas, debemos criticarlas; de lo contrario, nunca mejorarán.

    Saludos cordiales: Delfin