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    I must set shadow to high when using vulcan. Similar problems when shadow set to medium.

    And there you have it; I had my shadow setting set to medium and after changing it to high problem disappeared... so I suppose there is a bug that affects the medium setting but I see no issues with the high setting so I'll go with that.

    Jan, if you can do so please explain whether or not we should be using the Vulcan setting going forward and why? The readme sort of hints at it but gives no explanation why.

    Thanks, and Tom thanks for the note about the shadow setting.

    Does this happen with complex scenery with large cultivation areas or does it happen even with just aerial images installed.

    I do have cultivation in my scenery area. Let me see if I have a scenery area I've created with just aerial images, and also "turn off" my cultivation file and see what happens.

    I do have cultivation in my scenery area. Let me see if I have a scenery area I've created with just aerial images, and also "turn off" my cultivation file and see what happens.

    Ok, here's a little more information. I turned off my cultivation files and it made no difference. I also tested another scenery area I've created with no cultivation and still see the "tearing".

    I would like to explain that "tearing" actually looks like a shadow that in all cases is visible on the right side of the plane and extends back to the rear of the plane, in other words sort of from 90 degrees back to about 180 degrees in relation to the plane. (In other words it doesn't matter what heading the plane is on, the shadow or tear moves in relation to the plane in the right rear quadrant). Every other quadrant is OK, which makes this issue a little strange in that the shadow or "tear" only occurs in that viewing area. The shadow or tear also moves with the plane, it isn't tied to a scenery tile "stitched" to another tile.

    This explanation is the best I can do; I don't know how to take a screenshot inside AFS2.

    Again, hope this helps a little bit.

    What graphics card drivers are you using?

    Sorry it's taken me a few days to get back to you; I've made sure I'm using the latest graphics driver 430.86 and re-tested scenery areas.

    In my user created scenery, still have tearing using Vulcan; switch back to OpenGL and tearing is gone. Tested IPACS scenery around San Francisco with Vulcan and all is well, so "problem" appears to only occur with user created scenery.

    I tested this also using several different aircraft including a freeware version and it makes no difference: scenery tearing with user created scenery is still there under Vulcan.

    Hope this helps a little bit...

    Flew with the new update this evening and switched from the OpenGL to Vulcan renderer. Unfortunately I witnessed scenery tearing in the distance from the outside view (this was a scenery area of my creation). Switched back to OpenGL and all normal again. This is with a 4GB Nvidia 1050ti.

    Thought you might want this observation Jeff.

    BTW, thanks to the IPACS team for this update and the knowledge that they are still hard at work on AFS2.

    Thanks for the replies; after some digging I discovered these same facts. I wanted to remove some buildings in a few cultivation files provided by others but found I could not because they were compiled and inaccessible. Also, as Martin pointed out, large file sizes either will not load or if they do cannot be saved after editing.

    Love the program though...

    No reason really, you could technically

    I can increase it when I do the next update, but for now on Chrome (and other browsers) you should be able to right-click (or CTRL+SHIFT+C as the map overrides the right click) and hit inspect on the slider and change the number from 2500 to anything you want (I've attached a screenshot showing this). That number will persist until you reload the page.

    Thanks for the info; I'll give this a try.

    Definitely a let down; I thought we would at least get news of the PNW region that had been talked about. Looks like that isn't going to happen.

    Would be nice if IPACS would present their own roadmap for 2019; would like to at least get a hint of any new IPACS scenery they themselves are doing since ORBX seems to dropping their plans for more AFS2 scenery.

    Jeff, I have a serious problem after these updates; all of a sudden my frame rate in the Palm Springs area plummeted to below 20, with stuttering galore.

    I switched planes, turned down clouds, etc. to no avail. I checked and installed my latest video drivers and restarted my computer. When I restarted AFS2 all was well until I approached PSP, and again frame rates crashed.

    Something is up.... and it's not good