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    I just today created a new area adjacent to an earlier scenery area of mine in an effort to expand the original. Unfortunately along the northern border I'm seeing a few tiles of low res default scenery that should be the high res scenery I just added. For some reason (and it's probably my fault but I don't know why) separate created scenery projects don't want to play nice with each other.

    There is probably a good explanation for this and I need to go over the steps to add new areas so they properly work with older created areas, but I really was under the impression that separate areas created with Geoconvert would just work seamlessly with each other. Obviously they don't, but I will reexamine the tutorials and posts to see what I'm missing.

    I have added a 1m high res area that is completely within the borders of a 2m res area ( a city within a larger area) and it works perfectly. To repeat, the issue I'm seeing is getting areas that overlap to some degree to work seamlessly together without having low res default scenery show up.

    So, you're not alone...

    Thanks for the good news Jeff, and thanks IPACS for this great free DLC!

    Colorado is one of our favorite vacation destinations, it will be great fun to explore and fly over this new addition to AFS2.

    Very much appreciated!


    Thanks for the support. Interesting that one can have a single cultivation class in the toc file, but I went over and over it and the tmc entry and could not find an error. Guess I just did not recognize it.

    Anyway, got it working!

    Thanks again to both you and Jeff for your help.

    Rodeo, Jeff: thanks again for your help here, and Rodeo thanks for the clarification of what is required in regards to cultivation files.

    The good news: I "solved" this late last night. I had been trying to add the flashing light by inserting only the code for lights into my cultivation (toc) file. It occurred to me that perhaps all three sections of code were necessary for AFS2 to recognize them in the sim. I added the code for buildings and vegetation ( one object each), looked up an appropriate location for each, and tested the result. All three objects were now visible in the sim.

    Whether intended or not, it is apparent that the user must have all three sections in their "toc" file in order to work properly. If that is not what the team's intention is, then perhaps the code can be tweaked to allow just those sections the user wants to include in their scenery.

    Thanks again for your help guys, and I hope this feedback of mine helps you.

    One more question: what are the numbers for a green light vs red?


    OK, I think I need to regroup. I have not acquired AC3D yet, but will soon and will attempt to try my hand at more serious scenery creation for AFS2.

    What I have done is create a simple airport file for a local airport, added a dummy runway and runway lights in the tsc file, added a control tower (a tmb and ttx file) and placed it in the tsc file, and then tried to add the rotating (blinking) light using the cultivation file. (The code I posted above). I added the building_texture folder (one with converted ttx files) to my scenery folder but I still don't have the rotating light, so as I said I'm missing or misunderstanding something. Apparently one can't just add those lines pertaining to the cultivation files to the tsc file and then create a toc file and have lights show up in AFS2.

    I'll regroup and re-read some things and try to figure out what I'm missing. Thanks for the examples and extra info.

    I've attempted to add a flashing light (rotating beacon?) to the airport I'm working on as well, but am having zero success with it. I've been over it and over it and just cannot get a light to show up. Have to be missing something in the tutorial, but don't know what. I placed the building textures folder from the airport design folder in my airport folder as stated in the tutorial, but doesn't make a difference. At this point have given up as I'm clueless on what I'm missing.

    I do have working runway lights, and have added a tower that shows up.

    Here is my cultivation file:






    <[vector3_float64][position][-85.660190 38.227002 16]>

    <[vector3_float32][color][1.0 0.1 0.1]>


    <[vector4_float32][flashing][1 0 1 0]>






    Here is what I added to my tsc file:







    Any suggestions are welcome... I must have missed a step somewhere but cannot find it.


    Runway lights, other than the PAPI light system, only show up at night in AFS2. During daylight hours they are not visible, at least on my system. Perhaps that is why the gentleman thinks the lighting system is not working?

    For me, personally, it's long since stopped really being a matter of time. All our old sims are still out there and useable, and theres more than enough stuff to occupy me while Ipacs does its thing.

    If I do have a worry, it's that you guys keep enough excitement going that people keep buying copies and giving you the capital to reach your goals.

    As long as that's good, I'm good.

    Me too. :)

    Well, this thread has certainly prompted an interesting and shall we say a spirited discussion.

    AFS2 pulled me in with its extremely smooth flight due to the outstanding frame rates and the beautiful high resolution photo real scenery with its more than adequate number of 3D modeled airports and cities in the provided scenery.

    I was very happy to see the development of Geoconvert, and look forward to it's continued improvement plus the addition of more scenery building tools for those who want to use them. As for future development of AFS2, I get that there are many different aspects of flight simulation that appeal to those who love flying, and I would like to point out that those features are already available in current and other sims. I would have preferred that the small team continue on the path it started with; the development of more scenery regions like the original ones provided, continual improvement of the aircraft provided, and continual improvement of the weather system. In other words, keeping AFS2 on track as the delightful visual experience it is. I have no need for an ATC system and the months the team has spent working on it I would have preferred to see spent on the weather system and more scenery regions.

    It is my hope that AFS2 will not go under; that it will continue to gain users who appreciate it's value to the flight sim community and it will begin to add the aspects of it's beginning that made it so appealing in the first place a priority.

    Was a fix for this issue supposed to be in the last update, or incorporated in the next one? I noticed the problem of hi resolution scenery only "snapping" into view when you are almost on top of it yesterday with a newly created area I did of Norfolk/Va. Beach. Have not seen this before, hope it gets sorted out soon.

    I did two areas - one at DL 0, the other at DL 1 - They are 8 or 9 areas each and look especially sharp, except for the trees everywhere.



    Today I completed a Norfolk/Va. Beach area; trees are abundant!

    So, the answer to the tree question is as you guessed: only available at present in DLC areas. Trees in non DLC geoconvert areas will have to wait for a future update to the program.