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    Hi so I heard someone else on the forum say that in iPadOS 15 apple will allow the usage of more ram is this true and if it is true does this mean Aerofly Mobile will finally get desktop quality graphics and more regions and lots of other features please let me know thanks kind regards

    How do i tell apple that we now have devices that can now handle more stuff because i want more usage of ram so we can get better stuff like all the pc stuff on Mobil I don’t know why they wont allow us to use more ram it’s frustrating how can i get apple to do more with all the new raw processing power of the new M1 2021 iPad Pro???

    Hello yes i am getting the new iPad Pro today but not the big one i am getting the 11 inch 1 terabyte with 16 gigs of ram plus cellular i cant afford bigger one with cellular because if this sim ever goes global then i will need cellular data to fly anywhere at any time with constant internet connection thanks kind regards

    Hi correct me if we talked about this before but i have a idea what if you release a special version of aerofly Fs for more powerful tablets like the new M1 iPad Pro 2021 with all the pc stuff and keep the older version for older less powerful tablets just a suggestion and a thought

    I mean I don’t have the cellular version of the iPad Pro also meaning i would be tethered to a WiFi connection so unless i connect to WiFi i cant use it just anywhere

    Hi this is a question for the admin. If aerofly for mobile gets global scenery can you please try to make it so that i can fly globally without streaming or the requirement of a internet connection because I don’t have a tablet with wireless internet and it would really hinder the purpose of the ipad being portable and i am a portable gamer it would be so cool to be able to fly anywhere on the planet anywhere at any time thank you kind regards

    I have another question for the admin since you plan on giving the new iPads new version with new possibilities can we get trees all 3d buildings everywhere 3d trees better clouds night lighting everywhere and all the regions that the desktop version has i think this new ipad can handle it because it has the new M1 chip witch is the same chip that is in the new macs that would be amazing thanks

    Hi I’m getting the new M1 iPad Pro at the end of next month and I heard from lots of people that they will add major updates to aerofly Fs 2021 but i can’t afford the 1 or 2 terabyte models witch have 16 gigs of ram but do i need to worry about the newer updates or version needing that 16 gigs of ram and not being able to get updates please let me know thank you so much

    Hi does aerofly FS 2021 support apple magic keyboard track pad support if not could you please add support in next major update it would be awesome to use the trackpad to point and click the buttons and levers in the cockpits of the aircraft instead of just being able to use the touch screen controls thank you

    Hi my aerofly crashes when i fly any plane near San Francisco i aproach the city or get close taking off from that major airport.

    The other one is when flying on the very left of the UK i saw an airport just rise into the sky like a sky scraper of land please fix

    I am using an iPad Pro 11 inch 2018

    Hi for the updated features for the new IPad pros M1 chip in order to run the newest updates in the future .in other words for these updates to be compatible do i need the 1 or 2 Teribite with the 16 gigs of ram or will the very basic options in terms of ram and gigs for this new IPad Pro with M1 chip for these future updates to be compatible with it please let me know thank you so much please let me know

    Hi now that the new iPad Pro just released and that it has the same processor the M1 chip as the new macs can we please have all of the features and graphics and everything that the pc version has that would be awesome plus i think it can now handle it thanks again cheers