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    Hi I have a great idea can you please add the f 22 raptor and the sr blackbird jets into the Mobil e version please oh and maybe some space shuttle missions thanks

    Hi i was taking off from Palm Springs and I noticed that the quality of the scenery isn’t very good when you are at low altitudes this happens every airport I take off from. And when ever I am close to the ground. So i am wondering if in newer updates the graphics can get an upgrade. Thanks best regards

    Hi i have a very awesome idea for future update will we eventually get some of the Apollo and space shuttle free flight that would be awesome or maybe even the x-15 space plane that would be perfect for the Edwards Air Force base so what do you think of these ideas

    Hi i have a question can we get full night lighting everywhere and not just in airports and major cities thanks best regards

    Thank you for your interest in the South Florida DLC but that scenery is an 'advanced' scenery and may be a bit difficult porting it over to mobile due to the size and extensive quality. We will take a look though.

    ok well thank you let’s hope that this can happen i wish you luck with trying to get this to work thank you i am using an iPad Pro 10.5 so i think it may be able to handle it. I have an idea what if when and if you release it it should only be available on newer iPads. Ok well thank you best regards good luck

    If you cant get south Florida can you what about Nevada Las Vegas it is in the desktop version but not in mobile i am just curious can you please tell me why and if you can bring it to mobile please that would be great best regards

    Hi i love the new Switzerland dlc you just released for iOS I don’t mean to be greedy but i love Florida i flew there multiple times as a child and i would love to be able to fly there in aerofly for iOS can you please release the south Florida dlc for iOS/Mobile or at least let me know if and when that is in the works thanks and best regards

    Hi i have been using this sim since it was released and it’s incredible but I would love to fly in other places as well so can you please release all the dlc regions from desktop version oh and can you please let me know if its in the works thanks for providing a great sim

    Hi I have some awesome and very reassuring news regarding mobile version of Aerofly fa 2 I was on Facebook page for this sim and ipacs/Aerofly have reassured us that a mobile update will happen and with all the features of the pc version but they said it will take time because they are trying to get all of this great stuff to a stable level but they said we will be very impressed with next mobile version update they said the goal is to have a major mobile update by the end of this year so we just have to wait they are just working everything out so this is a huge relief

    Hi I have another idea if we can't work around storage space issues maybe we could just add the Nevada region with Las Vegas just like desktop version has. and add better graphics for Nevada and previous regions again this is just an idea that I have. Oh and maybe add those puffy cumulus clouds to those with high end devices like my iPad Air 2 thanks

    Hi I don't know if this could happen but I have an idea for a new plane it is the x-15 space plane from NASA it was a experimental aircraft that was used to see how you could get a man into space and back safely

    Hi I have another solution on how to get those new regions to mobile this maybe sad for those with limited storage space but this may be a last resort but maybe we might have to only have those new regions available to those with enough storage space on there device I would hate to see this app discontinued I also notice that things have been quiet for mobile but please don't discontinue it now this is another solution but it could only be for a last resort meaning if lots of people don't have enough copacity oh and could you please reply to tell me if this is a good idea or tell me if my other ideas that I am just about to post to this forum will or will not work oh and if we can't work around these storage space issues maybe just add the Nevada region with Las Vegas just like on desktop version and add better graphics for Nevada region and the other previous regions.

    Hi I have an iPad Air 2 with well over one hundred gigs will all the new regions and new enhancements for next updates /regions run well on my device I know that there has been lots of talk here about possible enhancements like better quality regions like New York Nevada and so on multi display and even new regions do I need to get newer tablet or is mine powerful enough with the capacity to run all this awesome new content.