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    Some new screenshots and expanded specs are over on our in-dev page now.

    Anything new in the meantime...? I've got almost all my hopes set on this aircraft! AFS2 as it is doesn't really do it for me in its current state and the official update will probably takes a long, long time so... please hurry up with this one. ;) I need some depth badly!

    Already ahead of you there, just be patient for the next update...

    Can't wait for that next update. I sometimes envy people who enjoy this sim while hanging in the air behind the plane and simply moving their joystick up and down... That really can't satisfy me. During the last month I fired up AFS2 twice (apart from a few short traffic and freeware plane test flights). I need depth badly. Good to hear you are working on that. Pity we always have to wait until the next big update. I'd prefer small incremental ones. If you are done working on a plane, let us have it! But that's my simple thinking. ;) I understand certain changes probably are related to each other and cover more planes so you want to have them all done somehow but still... If I am not mistaken the last major update was from July last year. The R22 has been released last November. Sigh... I am beginning to wonder if the next update will be here sooner than Deadstick or not...! ;)

    It's really nice! Luckily also from higher altitudes: I never fly as low as in the posted video because it spoils the immersion for me. ;) Even when the traffic is nothing more than a few moving pixels it really gives an idea of a living world down there. And the floating cars aren't a problem at all at that altitude too. ;) Great addition! Hope to see more traffic soon!

    Also nice to see that, even though there isn't much traffic yet, it has zero impact on performance.

    This will give a better impression of what this is all about (better than, that is):

    Google's Stadia Announcement at GDC 2019 in Under 14 Minutes

    EDIT: short version:

    Watch Google’s Stadia Event In 5 Minutes

    Running 4K games smoothly on the worst computer they could get, on laptops, tablets, phones, tv's... It sounds interesting.

    Some facts:

    - Graphical power of Stadia: 10.7 GPU teraflops (PS4=4.2 and XBox is 6.0).

    - OS is Linux (you won't notice anything it that) and it uses Vulkan.

    - Unreal and Unity will support Stadia.

    So you play on Google's computer (which are faster than anything us mortal being can ever buy) and only the images are send to your screen: if you can watch Netflix well on your PC you should have no problem with Stadia.

    Interesting stuff. I do wonder though what it will cost... It will certainly cost you your privacy. ;) But will you have to pay a monthly fee for Stadia or will you have to pay for each game you play?

    Mods (like free ones from the community) will be a thing of the past, so it seems...

    There are a lot of positive sides: like it doesn't matter anymore how much disk space you need for scenery, you don't have to install games at all (if I am correct), you get 4K without problems, guaranteed 60 fps, you can switch between PC, tablet, smartphone, tv on the fly...

    Funny thing: I may have missed it but they mention VR at all...!

    We already have a popup Map window. That should give up some hope that maybe we can have more than one popup. We also have that info box all the way across the top of the screen with active info updated continuously and those cute little icons on the lower right. All this has an off and on with a keystroke so what's the big challenge here?

    Haha, it's really funny how we all have our personal preferences. :) If there is one thing I hate in flightsims it's popup windows! ^^ The only thing I am missing in the posted list are remarks about sound! I hope Just Flight can bring us the very first stereo sounds in the cockpit! But popups and windows... no, thanks. That awful info box on top of the screen was the first thing I disabled after buying AFS2... But of course it would be nice if this plane would come with windows and what not for those who love using them! ;)

    I was also wondering if they implement all those features within the Aerofly core engine or with an external . dll. In FSX / P3D things like mixture control, helicopter physics or turboprop engine simulation are completely unrealistic, but developers like A2A, Dodosim or Majestic use their own external programs to calculate the values and then inject the results into the simulator. Maybe something like this is possible in Aerofly, too?

    I am hoping for something like that... We'll have to wait and see.

    I hope so, but if it is possible to do all this in the core Sim why does none of the default planes have those features? I sometimes think it would have been better to release Aerofly 2 with fewer default aircraft but more complex ones. I also don't understand why a civilian flight Simulator needs two fighter jets and two historic military aircraft as default aircraft. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Aerofly but some things could have been approached differently IMHO.

    For a moment I thought I posted something without knowing it. ;) You took the words right out of my mouth. I only fly 2 of the available aircrafts and also wished IPACS would have perfected just a few airplanes instead of adding a lot of very basis ones. And fighter jets plus military planes in a civil sim have always made me frown... In short: AMEN!

    The site has been updated since the last time I checked! Let me copy all info and highlight the interesting parts that weren't there the last time! :) It seems too good to be true...! If this will really all be there in the AFS2 version it will be 1. an absolute must buy and 2. a giant leap forward! This plane alone may transform AFS2 into a real flight sim! Makes you wonder how the heck Just FLight did this... and why none of the default planes have this already.


    • Accurately modelled Duchess, built using real-world aircraft plans and comprehensive photography of the real aircraft
    • Numerous animations including passenger and baggage doors, storm window, sun visors and engine exhausts
    • HD textures are used to produce the highest possible texture clarity
    • Bump and specular mapping used throughout the aircraft to produce a truly 3D feel
    • Authentic labelling and placards based on those found in the real aircraft


    • A truly 3D virtual cockpit right down to accurately modelled seat belts and screw heads - every instrument is constructed fully in 3D with smooth animations
    • Authentic RPM gauge needle ‘wobble’
    • Cockpit textures feature wear and tear based on reference photos taken in the real aircraft to produce an authentic environment
    • Aircraft configuration system that will allow you to choose between 'cold & dark' or 'ready for take-off'
    • Fully functional and comprehensive IFR-capable avionics fit including:
      - KX 165 COM/NAV 2 radio
      - KR 87 ADF receiver
      - KT 76A transponder unit
      - Century IV autopilot
      - HSI and ADF gauges
      - KDI DME indicator with HOLD functionality

    Custom-coded aircraft systems

    Engine management
    Electrical system (battery, alternators, functional circuit breakers)
    Fuel system (fuel pumps, selectors, crossfeed)
    Hydraulic/landing gear system (including emergency extension)
    Century IV autopilot
    Environmental (cabin heating/ventilation controls)

    With practically no systems depth to speak of, no fuelsystem, no failures, no working GPS/GTN gauges, no popup windows for aircraftor system options, no weight and balance, no mixture effects, no official coldand dark for most of the aircraft, no interactive anything, no real IFR setups, no flight planning or flight plan monitoring. What would be the motivationalfactors that would make us pay for the Duchess other than just one moreairplane with a lot of limitations?

    Now, providing JF chooses to explore and is successful inadding a few of the missing items from the previous paragraph with some nifty featureslike an outside the cockpit walk around to check the oil, drain the water from thefuel lines and visually inspect the moving parts of the Duchess. A simple fuelsystem – ability to add fuel based on a flight plan and payload and monitor depletion basedon elapsed time, power settings and mixture. Fullfeathering props for sure. Some effort at a weight and balance check withflight dynamics and fuel weight effects and of aft CG and overweightconditions. Cold and Dark startups and shutdown are a given.

    I would like to see AFS2 move forward with a GPS system and especiallythe ability to add 3rd party GPS/GTNs to the panel. Some sort of popup window will eventuallyhave to be introduced. Little thingslike optional 3d Lights Redux and rain effects on the windshield and windows are notunreasonable.

    I'd like everything you mention. ;) I am counting on a simple port though, something like the AFS1 version... I am mainly counting on that to prevent disappointment though... ;) At the same time I think I might buy this addon even if it is comparable to default planes (as far as systems go) because at least this one has a REAL cockpit with wear and tear. All AFS2 planes so far look so clean... But of course, I am dreaming about a Duchess with all the options you mentioned... but I can hardly imagine that happening.

    Let me try this again. :P


    Is there any special taildragger that catches your fancy at Deadstick?

    No, because initially there only will be one plane and it will be a taildragger without brand because they don't have licenses because damage and wear and tear is a fundamental part of the experience. ;) So in order to enjoy that sim you have to start enjoying taildraggers. ;)

    You need to be a bit more patient. I fixed the q400 battery drainage now but it will take time until it reaches the release version.

    The electrical system was not finished, e.g. the apu did not actually have a generator that provides power. That, among many other things, is now added in my version. You can expect a dark q400 but not all systems have been hooked up to the electric network yet. I want to add at least a few red flags to the pfd and mfd yet.

    Sounds good! :)

    None are very detailed designs but the sure increase our choices when browsing our Aircraft Selection screens each morning.

    Don't take this as complaining, it's freeware indeed, but increasing your choices with very basic or even unflyable aircrafts isn't something I regard as positive... I even like to REMOVE default aircraft I don't use! ;) Cluttering up the already cumbersome selection menu with planes I don't need wouldn't light up my morning. I don't really understand the desire for more, more, more choices... I rather have (far) less but better choices. Yes, I guess this is yet another grumpy day. 8o (Again, let me repeat, I applaud the effort and look forward to what may come from all this!!!;))

    Lately I sorted out my projects and connected running versions of models to the GitHub platform.

    Gave them all a try. They all show up in the sim without problems (I did remove -master from all folder names). Some of them can become interesting but at this moment they are indeed 'test models'. Specially (as mentioned already) the reflections are way off. And as far as I can tell there isn't a single button you can switch with the mouse? Anyway, looking forward to how these planes may develop in the future but for now they are uninstalled again.


    I only fly planes from inside the cockpit: I have the idea a lot of people like to fly the planes while magically hovering in the air, somewhere behind the plane, and in that case these models may be fine already! But not for my kind of flying. ;) )

    Agreed. Which is why I always disable canopy reflections (if possible). It's not only that they are too obvious, but they also don't change depending on where you are looking: it's too obvious they are painted on the window. Kills the immersio imho. Would be great if we'd get an in game option to enable or disable reflections.

    I have my monitor of 21 '' at a distance of one meter from my eyes, and in general, I am not able to read that text of the mentioned indicators, I have to make a considerable zoom (closer to the monitor = 50 cm or more)

    Well, I'm sorry to say that in this case it is your own fault that the numbers are too small... The generally advised (ergonomic) distance to your monitor usually is around 50 cm. Or an arm's length distance (not stretching it). So you are sitting way too far from your monitor. Add to that the rather small size (21") and it's no wonder you are having problems reading the numbers. IPACS doesn't have to solve this: as you said yourself, you indeed have to make a considerable physical 'zoom' and move closer to your monitor. I have an 27" monitor and sit at 40 to 50 cm from it. I really wouldn't want to sit further away from it!

    I don't say IPACS should not support interfaces like that. I do say it is up to the manufacturers of such devices to buy a copy of AFS2 and get their act together. Certainly they will need to consult with the IPACS team, on final integration but 'consult' does not mean getting the IPACS team to do the manufacturers' work for them. The team are very busy building us a brilliant flight simulator.:thumbup:

    I think that with hardware like this it is the software devs job to support the hardware....? You can't expect the hardware developer to create fixes for every software update out there. So it is up to IPACS to support motion platforms or not. Software changes more often than hardware. In this case a change in AFS2 made it incompatible with motion platforms: it wasn't a change in the motion platforms. I think. ;)

    BTW I posted earlier on that I don't care about all this but that was just because IPACS asked for our opinion. Of course I understand that it must be extremely frustrating that an update ruined the compatibility for motion platforms if you spend money on one. I would be extremely frustrated of an update ruined TrackIR support.