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    Already information, when the heli lands in Aerofly FS 4 and in what form? As an update in the standard version or in the aircraft AddOn?

    For weeks I have been admiring the excellent screenshots posted on the blog here on the forum of the upcoming Europe DLC. My question: Will this cost extra or is it part of the existing package as a free Update? It hasn't really been communicated yet, or did I just miss something?

    The number of developers in flight simulation is more than limited. And most of them have now specialized for MSFS. Studios as well. Justflight is certainly no exception. They have also fully concentrated on MSFS and put all their resources there. Why? Because there is more money to be made there. So I'm afraid that we will hardly get third party aircraft for Aerofly FS 4. Also no updates of airplanes, which were released for the Aerofly FS 2. Free ones anyway NOT. Too bad, but that's the way it is...