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    As I have not seen this confirmed anywhere, I would like to get some official response from the IPACS team. Dynamic weather is very important for the realism part, in my opinion.

    So dynamic weather you can - I'm afraid - forget. At MS and Asobo, a team larger than the entire IPACS team has been working exclusively on dynamic weather for more than four years. And they haven't really managed to get it one hundred percent right yet, if you take it very seriously. Laminar Research only manages to incorporate dynamic weather into its simulator in version 12 of X-Plane. Dynamic weather models are about the most complex thing there can be in a flight simulator....

    I fear that the Aerofly FS 4 will fall further and further behind the longer it takes to the release. With each passing day, groundbreaking things (like system-deep airliners) are released in MSFS, for example. This is a great pity!