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    The JustFligth PA-28R Turbo Arrow has a fuel flow indicator, which shows strange values. It seems that the fuel flow system is not working properly. Is it fully implemented und should be work well? Maybe it is a Just Fligth problem, but I'm not sure.

    After loading the Piper, a fuel flow is displayed. It will go to 0 when the LO fuel pump is turned on or the primer button is pressed for a long time. The value remains at 0, even with more thrust. When the HI fuel pump is switched on, a fuel flow is displayed again. Everything seems to be fine, but the fuel flow is now higher than after loading. The engine runs normally and does not seem to be affected by these actions.

    I have the problem that I can't brake evenly with my feet and pedals, with the result that the plane lurches left and right. This is horrible and I look for a solution.

    In my opinion, the reason for the problem is that the pedals (CH Products Pro Pedal) only work with pedal position, not with pedal pressure. The feet cannot feel how strong they brake and whether both feet have the same brake pressure. I don't have any experience with real airplanes, but certainly this problem is not very important.

    You can buy pedals for flight simulator which work with brake pressure, but unfortunately they are very expensive and I can't afford it. So I ask IPACS if a simple software function could minimize the problem.

    The left pedal controls the left brake and the right pedal controls the right brake as before, but the braking force on both brakes are the same when the pedal position are slightly different only. Only when the pedal positions have a higher difference will force the brakes differently. This means that a slight misalignment of the feet does not cause the aircraft to lurch, but you can still roll tight curves with the aircraft by applying one brake only.

    I imagine as a configuration of this function a slider, which adjust the strength of this function. It's goes from off (brakes work as usual) to full (you can't apply both brakes differently).

    What do you think? Do you have this problem too?



    My moving map window is transparent, what make it unusable.

    This is not a new issue. I found a thread with the same issue from Aug 2018 (Moving Map (M) - Display Issues).

    When I open the Information window, the map window is correct (no transparent). When I close the Information window, the map window is transparent again.

    The problem is the same independing of OpenGL or Vulkan, full screen or window mode.

    Is it a problem on my PC only? It is possible to fix this issue?

    Windows 10 64-bit

    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Driver NVidia 430.86

    Aerofly (20190906)

    Great update, but the parking brake doesn’t work at my place, am I the only one?

    The same for me.

    I also have the problem that the full indicators show 'no fuel' when turn on the battery switch. The full indicators show 'full fuel' as son as the engine has started.

    Their is also a problem with the sound of flaps if flaps are assigned to a joystick axis. You hear the sound only when the flaps are extended from Up to 10°.

    I have already reported this to Just Flight.

    Thank you for all your help.

    I did several test flights with following conditions:

    No wind

    Flaps up

    Rotate at >71 kts

    Climb speed 85 kts

    Gear up when stable climb


    Take-off distance / take-off duration / average climb rate first 1000 ft

    My Duchess ~1800 ft / 25 s / 600 ft/min

    Youtube video ??? / <= 20 s / 800 ft/min

    Diagram 1100ft / ??? / 1100ft/min

    All values can be lightly unaccurate. This values show a low perfomance of my Duchess. It seems in real the Duchess take-off earlier and climb faster as my bird. I wonder why Overloaded hasn't my "problem".

    I have checked my installation and configuration:

    Use Just Flight Ducess 76 newest version.

    Deinstalled and reisntalled Just Flight Ducess76 . No difference.

    Aerofly FS2 file check don't tell any problems.

    Fly with mouse only. No joysticks. No difference.

    Aerofly FS2 Version (20190326)

    I haven't idea what is wrong. I will install Aerofly FS2 alpha version and test the Duchess again.

    Same problem with Alpha version.

    Several configurations changed. Same problem.

    Same configuration (wind, runway) as Overloaded. Performance is worse. See Image.

    I have problems with the climb rate of the Beechcraft Ducess 76. The Ducess doesn't climb at all at 80 knots. It only climbs when it is accelerated to 90 knots, better 100 knots.

    This is a problem at the departure in Birrfeld, Swiss (LSZF). After taking off, you have to keep the nose down to accelerate to 100kn and then climb with at a good rate (1500ft/min). However, the hilly terrain around airfield Birrfeld does not allow this.

    The runway (727m/2385ft) seems to be too short for the Ducess. The Ducess takes off at the end of the runway.

    Is this behaviour real? Is the Birrfeld runway really too short for the Ducess? Does the Ducess needs a flat terrain after the runway?


    But I'm not yet hearing anyone that says: no I want the landing light switch in aircraft A to be on my switch 1 but it in aircraft B it should be on switch 2.

    I always have the switch for the parking brakes below the landing gear lever. When I put the landing gear lever on a different axis, for whatever reason, I put the parking brake on a different switch too. So I think aircraft specific switch configuration is neccessary.

    A standard controller configuration is good, but with higher user demands, there is also a need to create an aircraft specific controller configuration. It makes sense to create profiles and then assign them to the aircraft.

    IPCAS like it to make it simple. That's right for beginners and gamers, but for demanding pilots it is important to offer a comprehensive configuration. I think the most user of a flight simulator are demanding pilots.

    What is the functional status of an ILS landing with the Cessna 172? The Cessna is willing to perform an ILS landing in APR mode, approaches the runway, but mostly next to the correct radial. The glide scope is right. I tested it with LSZH Rwy 14.

    I flew the R22 the other day. Once with VR Oculus and Thrustmaster TM16000M and then with a simple joystick (without centering spring) and monitor. While I flew very useful with the VR headset and the good joystick, flying with the bad joystick and the monitor was not possible. The 3D view helps a lot and a quality joystick with low restoring force is a must. And then you have to practice, practice, practice.


    and that is the fear factor

    That's my reason why I don't allow myself to crash. I have to bring myself and the plane down healthy at all times. I act as if the crash in the simulator is as bad as in reality. On the other hand, the simulator allows us "little" people to fly an Airbus or Boeing with respect but without fear. :thumbup::):)

    Only AFS2 is still installed on my computer. I never liked XPlane and FSX always crashed. I fumbled more than I flew. ATC traffic and mega airports made flying impossible (frame rate). That all gone with AFS2 (and new hardware). :):thumbup:

    I am really glad that IPACS is developing a new flight simulator and I support you (by purchase). I am convinced that Aerofly will be a very good flight simulator, maybe the best.

    I am a software developer myself and know how long it took to program functionality. In my opinion IPACS has done a very good job so far with a very small team.

    I go with Aerofly and I can wait for ATC, weather and other things for one or more years because I think there will be no alternative. ;) But every body should feel free to fly what he likes. 8)