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    Hi All, I got my touch controllers today ad am going to get set up tonight. My question is, do I need to hook up the sensor/camera that came with the touch controllers as well as having my current one with the rift helmet? Or can the touch and helmet work with just one sensor?

    Thanks and cant wait to try it!!!

    I have tried Render Scale Factor to 2.0. Honestly, I did not notice any improvement

    That is odd. I have a similar system as yours and mine is really clear. I can read guages (sometimes I have to lean forward a little to make them crystal clear), but completely readable from a normal sitting position. As far as scenery, the airports and ground aircraft are not blurry in the slightest in my oculus. I wonder what could be the problem? Something is definitely wrong in your setup.

    I think i'm seeing something, but wouldn't call it horrendous. I'll watch more closely now.

    ok horrendous might be a bit strong :) but it is very annoying as it seems to happen every few seconds. It's like the tracking tries to catch up to the rift display and "jumps" constantly. It's not specific to Aerofly also

    I can't begin to write as in depth as Spit40, but he is spot on. My experience initially started as curiosity as to how VR would look in flight simulation.

    I bought a CV1 from bestbuy to try it, thinking I would return it if it wasn't worth the cost. The first night back in December that I hooked it up and launched FSX with FlyInside I was absolutely floored. The only issue was the frame rates were not the greatest and the resolution was a bit blurry at time. I have since tweaked it to where it is pretty good.

    But then I bought Aerofly and it is just a different world. The resolution is fantastic. The experience is just impossible to describe in words. To put it simply, you are "there", in the cockpit flying over incredible scenery. With a monitor there is no immersion. You can look around and see your office, tv or whatever and that makes it feel like a game. With VR there are no distractions whatsoever. I can not go back to a monitor now. I have tried and I last 5 minutes and it's back to the Rift.

    I actually get to cruise, move to the back of the plane, put on some music and just fly the flight as a passenger sometimes haha. It feels that real.

    Obsessed is an understatement for me! My wife thinks i am insane. But if you love simming, then it is a no brainer.

    Any one know if there are any 3rd party / independent developers working on scenery areas currently? This is an amazing sim, but it desperately needs the east coast scenery from DC down to Florida. This is such an interesting area to fly in and it would be a great addition.