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    How's this for an idea. Once the mouse scroll has been detected and a cockpit control knob is turning, the knob will continue to be turned EVEN if the mouse pointer moves away from the knob. This capture continues until no scrolling event is detected for say half a second which should allow time to move your finger to continue scrolling. I really can't imagine anyone really wanting the turn a knob and then immediately zoom. As a trackir user I'd love this as locking my gaze on a knob gets old real fast. I know I should use F9 to pause trackir.

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    It would be unprofessional of us to publish a roadmap of features that everyone wants then later tell you that we had to change plans.

    As a software developer with 30 years experience I would counter that it 'is' totally professional to publish a roadmap. Using Agile development as an example various features are selected. Some of those features are core features and some are a stretch or on a 'would be nice' list. Some team members will be occupied with a 'spike' which to non programmers is a research project which 'may or may not' succeed, Usually all of these things will be communicated to the client and as a stake holder their input will be considered on prioritising future features. As a small team I understand that things could be way less formal but there must be some sort of direction and vision driving development. All we're asking for is a little more transparency. We understand that producing something like AFS2 is hard and because you've already produced such an amazing product we're totally cool with falls and stumbles along the way. We'd just like to feel that we're on the journey together

    After reading the thread "Aerofly FS 2 needs faster action now" it started me thinking how I have blindly accepted the oft repeated

    "We're already working on big new features behind the scenes but it's too soon to announce them. Big and important features but also new and Aerofly FS unique features are currently being worked on."

    Why can't you announce what you are working on? Every time a new feature appears, that's how we find out about it... it just appears. Even if you gave us a roadmap of future features and there was time slippage or some of the features got dropped you know we'd forgive you, so why the secrecy? It's just a game after all! Why can't the people who pay your wages know what you're doing and what plans you have?

    At least it would stop the steady stream of posts about "can we have this feature, can we have that feature , when's this feature coming.

    apparently your supposed to lean forward.

    I see like me you wear glasses. I've basically given up on VR as I cant read many of the dials etc. The only time I use VR is for the Robinson as it gives me a way better feel for flying. I recently bought a 60" 4K TV and with my TrackIR it provides an amazing experience. Normally the 'con' for large TV's is that you have to move your head but while flying it actually enhances the feel that you are looking around the cockpit. And of course I can read all the dials!

    I'm a recently retired developer with 30 years experience with C/C++ C# javascript webdev. Need any help?

    Could you describe the basic pipeline that you've implemented for Fscloudport for the more technical amongst us?

    Is there any plan to put airport models onto Github so people could collaberate on them?

    I think I forgot to press the E button in FSET so it used an old one. Is there any way to reload the files created by the previous run of FSET rather than downloading and processing new ones again. All I want is the ini file produced by the E button