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    I have managed to sort it out. I installed the Aerofly to its default location on C drive. I normally put all my sims on a different drive other than C drive, this however was not the case for Aerofly Ultimate. It did not like the other install so moving to the default C drive has fixed my problem. I have tried several times to re-start the sim and it always starts on my last flown airfield and plane/heli and also all settings are saved. Not sure why that all was but anyway its all working fine so thanks for your help


    No it does not make any difference, it keeps saying found new controller, usb dummy interface. I have the proper dongle I got from ipacs and its always worked fine up until today. I have a g25 wheel connected and various usb devises for sim racing but it always picks up the dummy interface and saves it and has never asked to re calibrate every time I load up the game

    I have today reinstalled aerofly ultimate on a new pc, a i7700k, windows 10, 16 gb ram, 1080gpu

    My problem now is every time I configure my Spectrum dxe and run the sim it will not save the settings and after each time I load up the sim I have to re calibrate everything again. Am I doing something wrong. It use to work fine on my old pc, an FX 8350 plus all the specs of new machine

    Hi again, yes i can set my ailerons as you say above. In advanced controller setup i have dual rate of 60% low and 100% high, and on the left hand side the graphic sliders move to 60% then 100%. You would think great thats all working fine, but out on the field when i move my dual rate switch between 60 and 100% the ailerons dont move between the 2, i would say they are moving to their higher 100% rate. In flight when i am doing a roll there is no difference between a slow 60% roll and a 100%. I cannot control between the two inflight so as a result of my edits to make planes more sensitive i cannot go low rates and fly more casually. I don't know how much easier i can explain it to you. When i fly my Realflight 7.5 and phoenix 5.5 simulators i have none of these issues and can flip between the 2 rates during flight as you are suppose to, so at the moment i use these two more than Aerofly. What i don't understand is why i can use dual rates for helicopters and none aerobatic planes in Aerofly. I fly the PT 40 a lot and i have no problems switching between the two rates. It does not make any sense to me


    Thanks for your reply. That's all well and good but you must be able to have 2 settings on the dual rate switch to change from low to high. You just can't do that because it won't work in game. It's fine to alter the deflection in editor but it's pointless because the dual rate switch will not see any input

    Hi again, as you can see i have already started a thread on dual rates for all the 3D models in Aerofly 7 Ultimate. I just wanted to start a new thread hoping someone can help with the problem of not being able to have dual rates working for all 3D planes. I don't know if its suppose to be like that but am pretty shore you are suppose to have dual rates for any kind of flying model on all its surfaces. The problem is that you can have dual rates for the elevator and rudder but not the ailerons, so like me, i am editing most of the 3D models to be more responsive for 3D but that makes them sensitive for when you want to do sport flying. Not being able to dull down the ailerons makes the 3D models very twitchy to fly. Can anyone else please confirm if thats the case and is there a work round to this problem. Any advise would be gratefully received

    Regards. Dave;

    Well thats absolutely amazing. Can you please try the Yak 55, Yak 54 and the Velox Revolution 2 if you don't mind, i just need to know that it is not at my end. I re-installed the sim hoping that would fix it but did not. What's bad about these 3D planes is, i have made them super twitchy so i can do aerobatics a lot faster, but now the problem is its over sensitive and needs dual rates working to tame it right down for sport mode flying. This is just not suppose to happen, any plane should have dual rates working. If anyone else on here reads this can you please try these planes, or any of the 3D models. Is there a fix for this or a work around. Anyway Jurgen thanks for letting me know, i was pulling hair out trying to fix it. I will do another thread hoping someone can advise

    Regards. Dave:

    @HeLiAdIc. If i were you mate i would stick with Realflight 7.5. There knife edge forums are packed with members. Or you should try AccuRC, it is currently the best sim there is AND when you ask them questions they reply immediately. I think its an absolute crime Icarus are charging over £100 for a rc sim that is really no longer supported. Look on steam right now to see how many frustrated people there are who have put money into this and they don't get any help whatsoever from the devs. I needed help with a dongle i bought from there online shop and didn't get any help whatsoever. In my book that is just plain rude, shocking, call it what you will its just wrong, there support is, thanks for buying the sim and the hardware but don't expect any help

    What do you mean you don't have any 3D models?. You must have the models in your planes list surly. What edition do you use were you don't have any 3D planes. OK if I use the Yak-SP55M for example right at the bottom of the Aircraft list. If I pick that and want to adjust dual rates lets say with keyboard stroke D, in the advanced controller setup it lights up blue for the dual rate switch I have assigned. If I give it 60% throws on all surfaces except throttle the model will not show 60% throws on run way except the elevator, that will move between 60 and 100% or whatever I have set it too. So while flying and doing rolls I cannot go to 60% to soften the roll to make it less twitchy. Any other plane or helicopter I can adjust dual rates. is there a reason for this? is it a bug or something else. I have installed Aerofly 7 on another PC and it still the same, I cannot make dual rates work for any of the 3D aerobatic planes. I hope I have explained that for you


    High again Jürgen. I have today had another go at my dual rates problem but the dam thing will not work with any of the 3D planes. In the advanced channel setup when I put the dual rates to 60% the, the sliders on the left will go to 60, when I put it to 100 the sliders for all flite channel's will go to 100 so in theory should work. When I am on the runway and I move my ailerons they do not respond to normal or high rate, they just move I presume to there full rate. The only channel that responds to dual rates for 3D planes is the elevator, I see that go between 60 and 100%. I don't no what I am doing wrong. Even if I pick a keyboard key to operate dual rates its the same story. I am just wondering now too do a full re-install and try again. Like I said in earlier post all other planes, helicopters work fine with dual rates but not the 3D models. So any further advice I would gratefully receive

    Regards. Dave

    Hi to you jurgen N. Sorry for the very late reply, carp fishing is number 1 with me at moment, but have just started up aerofly.. What controller do you have? and is it possible for me to actually use the dual rates switch on my DXE


    Hi again guys, its been a while since I last came here for advice so am hoping someone can help me. I have this very strange problem with dual rates while flying any of the 3D planes. I have my dual rates setup properly in the advance controls set up screen. I have a DXE Spectrum that I have assigned the Aux switch to be my dual rate switch so its just the regular up down switch, the actual dual rate switch for my DXE does not work in the sim. The problem I have is the ailerons do not move between high and low, I suppose its always on high, but the rudder and elevator does respond to high and low. The thing is if I choose any other type of plane or heli I get high and low rates working no problem. I have set low rates on all except throttle to 60% just to get started. While on runway I can see my elevator/rudder move on high and low but the ailerons are on max no matter if its high or low but only as I have said only for the 3D planes, every thing else works fine. I cannot work it out. Is there someone who can help me out please. I have the leads below into my Spectrum DXE


    [Blocked Image:]

    Hi to you, i have had the Icarus flight controller for over a week now. i agree with you about the quality, it really is bad, but saying that i have had no problems in using it. You have to make sure you put the switch on the right in the off position before calibrating. The switch on the left i use as the retracts, the dial on the right top side you would use for flaps. I have modified mine by adding weight into the battery bay which helps with making it feel much better in your hands, added 4 more switches using an I-PAC keyboard emu board but needs its own USB, no probs there. It saves having a keyboard. i can operate smoke, cockpit, air brakes, plus any other device on the controller. Hope this helps. Stick with it, it is ok want's its up and running

    Don't know if this helps but i have used the Elite Interlink from Realflight 7.5, the basic 4 channels work fine, the switches you have to do a work around but the trim buttons for the 4 channels do not work unless someone know's different, only had this sim 2 weeks now so not sure if it's been fixed. So i resorted to the Icarus USB controller and it works brilliant, was around £60 to the uk. Hope this helps you out my friend