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    Just download the sdk, install the aircraft converter, right click the aircraft workshop folder and click aircraft converter. Wait for it to finish start the game and enjoy your dr-400, couldn't be easier. And yeah if you get an error do what whitav8 said

    Starting from an airport works fine for me but when i start somewhere mid-flight it doesn't save the position and sets me back where i was before. Funny thing is when i try to start the DR-400 from an airport it spawns 15k ft above the airport. I also noticed esc doesn't work and it won't let me reassign esc for "back".

    Deleted and converted the DR-400 again and it works now. No idea what happend there.

    To spawn somewhere in the air choose your location in the location tab and press the "back" key ( esc or whatever you have assigned for that), the arrow at the top doesn't work right now

    drhotwing1, is there any place i can find infos about whats new in the beta version?

    The UH-1H or the Mi-8, the Ka-50 being purely a gun platform ( and, just as you I use DCS and IL2 just for the flight dynamics ).

    IMO, don't spend your money in the Gazelle, at least until they fix the various problems with it's flight dynamics.

    Its a shame there are so much problems with the gazelle since i was looking for something small and nimble. I guess i'll go with the UH-1H.

    I think NYC, San Francisco and the Alps would be enough to keep us busy for a long time and adding it in the sdk would mean nobody can complain if something is not working. Don't get me wrong i really love what you guys made here and i don't want to sound ungratefull for all the updates but can't we just have an alpha version?

    Sorry that i sound like a little kid who want his new toy :rolleyes:
    I'll wait for the next dcs sale anyways, maybe something happens in the meantime

    Well i got to say it hurts a bit hearing it flys quite well but we can't have it, but i understand that the atc and other things are more important right now. I think the reason not many are screaming for helos is that people who are into helos haven't bought the game in the first place since there are no real hints that they are coming any time soon.

    This is without a question the best vr flightsim we got right now and i think helos would make this even greater, i mean if you want to fly a helo in vr right now the only option is to buy a 50€ dlc for dcs and everyone whos willing to do that would intantly buy your game instead if it had one.

    Thanks for the answer jet-pack, at least it makes my decision easier to buy in dcs.

    Btw any dcs pilots here? What should i get if i'm just in for flying and don't give a .... about weapons and mission?

    I know this question comes up every month or so but i'm craving a helicopter for VR.

    I know i know it's done when it's done and i understand that if you rush this everyone will just go crazy because of bugs and stuff but you've said in an interview 8 months ago that there is an almost finished model and we might get a preliminary version. Isn't the sdk a perfect place for something like this? I mean you've allready done it with the dr400.

    But i guess chances are low that this will happen so could someone please tell if there is at least someone working on the R22 (or any other helicopter) or was it completely pushed on hold for other things like atc, ai etc.? I don't want to wait another 8 months just to realize it will never happen.

    Please dont make me spend 50€ on an DCS helicopter where i need to read 5 books just for takeoff:(

    Well it took me 3 hours but i finally got it working and afterall its just changing two 0 to 1 :D
    Good thing i can pretty much copy this for the cessna

    Thank you very much
    I'm pretty new to flightsims but i really like this part of the game lol

    Thanks for the help, i got her completely dark now: engine off, main battery switch off, lights off, com and nav off and the hood open.
    But i can't manage to activate the parking brake. I know how to set the friction lock but i cant find a way to have the handle pulled on default.

    I don't think i've changed anything in the settings besides changing screen to world in the lower left corner.
    I don't know if these coordinates will work for you because i placed and scaled it with my touch controllers in vr but if they work you should see the window in the f-18 screen.
    If you have touch try setting it to left or right controller and it should stick to your controller.

    I'm fine with alt-tab since i have my keyboard on my lap anyways but voice seems to be a good alternative yes

    I havent found any bugs like graying out or anything for now, i dont really know how to help you there sorry

    This should answer all questions…arance-settings

    I was wondering if it is possible to have the DR400 "cold and dark" on first loadup? Like having the engine and lights shut off and the hood open. Should be possible by editing the .tmd file, right? I've done some editing before but im still totally lost. Any hints please ? :confused:

    Oh yeah i forgot to say if you want to use chrome:
    open chrome, go into the settings, scroll down and click advanced settings, scroll down to system and uncheck the box for hardware acceleration.

    Ive got a twitch stream running on the top left penal in the f18 scaled and placed perfectly where the green screen would be. The game and the stream run butter smooth on ultra with 2.0 SS. The performance of this game is just incredible.

    You can save different screen setups for every plane or if you just want to use it quick pin it to your controller and use it like an ipad.

    Im glad i could help :)
    Its a bit tricky to use but its a start and maybe some day we will get something like this implemented

    Just for the ones that dont read the steam discussions
    If i can help you with something just ask here

    First off you need to run steamvr for this to work no matter if you got a vive or rift. You will probably loose a little bit performance using the rift with steamvr but this is worth it, maybe reduce SS a little bit.

    Download openvrdesktopDisplayPortal from…Portal/releases .
    Just unpack it whereever you like.

    Now start Aerofly FS2 with steamvr and start openvrdesktopDisplayPortal. Then select the window you want to see in vr in the upper left corner ( it can be anything you want chrome, notepad,vlc..).

    If you start it the first time you will see your window right in front of you following your headmovement but you can change this in the lower left corner, just set it to world to have it in a fixed position.
    To adjust the scale just adjust the window on your desktop and to move it in vr space ajust the slider in the program or even better use your motion controllers to grab it and lay it on the copilot seat when youre done.

    To write something while in vr just hover over the window with your controller and it will get focus,now you can just use your keyboard to write. To controll your plane again press alt-tab once youre done. If you dont have motion controllers i guess alt-tab should work both ways.

    There is no vr keyboard or something, if you cant write blind with your keyboard you will have to wait for V ( ) which has a build in keyboard for use in vr.

    I bet there is more to this programm but ive only used it for about an hour but if you got any questions feel free to ask.

    ps. This is the first time im writing something like a tutorial and english isnt my main language so pls have mercy lul