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    Hey Jan ! We here all have something in common, flight simming. I was thinking it would be nice to have a place where we can tell others about the equipment we have for sale. I know I myself have several things to sell ( Leap Motion ,Trackir 5, Odyssey plus head set) Some of us are constantly upgrading our equipment and I'm sure others here would be interested in the things we are selling .What do you think about having a sub section for selling our used equipment

    This is something that I'm really interested in also ! I think this could be very useful in the interm until vr gloves are available

    Is it just me or has there been more atmospheric haze added . I've had the sim for a few years and one thing I was really impressed with was how real the sky looked . Having just returned from a long flight up the west coast ,I noticed in real life ( at least at this time of year) there was much more visibility to the horizon than in the sim . Is there a way to reduce the haze ? Maybe it should be on a slider in the weather menu.

    Since True Earth Pacific Northwest won't include any scenery north of the border (49th parallel) maybe some southern British Columbia ,Vancouver , Squamish, Bella Coola to name a few . Products available by Orbx for other sims that won't be converted for Aerofly . 737-800ng

    Their website says the Dream Flyer has been discontinued and is lo longer available.

    I noticed that when trying to purchase one , after a little research it said the cost of shipping made it not profitable. I found one used on kijji out of Alberta For half price including shipping, to good to pass up!

    My newest acquisition to flight simming .Dream flyer motion rig with the rift . The Dream flyer originally came with a mount for triple monitors , but I added the upper plastic tubing to accommodate the rift sensor .This motion sim uses no motors , it just uses the input from the flight stick . The Hotas joy stick is mounted under the seat to the seat in reverse. This simulator doesn't give you all that jerking around that those other electric platforms seam to do