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    As much as I love afs2 and I respect the developers I must admit that development is rather slow. This was one of the first sims I bought after having used fsx for years. I purchased right after release and added some scenery as well upon release.

    Highlights for me were release of q400 and the heli. Vr is still among the best experience in the field.

    I fully understand that developing a sim is a massive task and I do not regret spending money on afs2 at all. Last year I deinstalled afs2 twice because I needed the space and didn't really miss it. I installed it again to fiddle with a320 custom sounds but after a couple of days I removed it all.

    It just feels to lifeless at the momemt to be honest. Some actual weather or some traffic here and there would be very welcome. I don't have dozens of hours every week just a couple of hours during weekends and I want as much immersion as possible.

    When afs2 came out development in VR flightsim world was pretty slow but in current day and age things are completely different and that is not good news for IPACS unfortunately.

    I hope some features will be added in the future. I will be the first to reinstall stuff because in the core this is a very good, visually stunning and extremely stable platform. Afs2 never crashed in all these years. That's an accomplishment on its own.



    The Netherlands

    I used the default c172 but it feels like it's on rails....

    I read some good stuff about just flight models. A bit better flight model etc.

    The c152 looks amazing but I read some negative things about it.the turbo arrow seems to be good but it's a bit complicated to begin with. I own all a2a models for fsx/p3d and airfoillabs c172 for xplane11 so I'm used to some pretty good models but never really learned how to fly them.

    Is the JF tomahawk better than the JF c152?

    I never really liked freeware models especially visually....

    Thanks for your input!!


    Hi guys

    I already have the arrow turbo in my hangar but I really want to start with the basics.

    Is the c152 worth it to start my ga carreer?

    I also have xplane11 and p3d but I just love aeroflyfs2 in VR. I only fly this way so want to know if it's worth it. Heard some mixed things about the c152 for afs2.

    So stick to the arrow or start in the c152?

    Thanks for advice!


    Afs looks absolutely amazing. I would give up quite some fps for some nice weather engine like active sky. That gives me the most immersion: changing weather and complex clouds

    That is too bad....

    This sim could be totally awesome if they added some stuff. There has been a lot of scenery added in 3 years time (also created by enthousiasts). I bougt 2 just flight planes and those are great too. I think we have had enough scenery and planes right now and we need some other stuff to make it a bit more realistic.


    I never leave the size as it is. I always use 30% upscale or something. I also think these cockpits are very very small. In reallife ga aircrafts are extremely cramped I've heard.

    In vr I feel more actually in the cockpit when things look a bit larger.

    In xplane11 and p3d I get a claustrophobic feeling in most planes. In dcs and afs2 this can be adjusted thankfully.



    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to save a view for next time. I'd like to create a close-up for mcdu in a320 but I don't know how to do that. I'd like to add a close-up to my views and select it with key 1 or 2.



    Hi flight friends,

    I want to do some example flights from YouTube tutorials and the aerosoft manual in the a320 in afs2.

    These flights are in France/Austria and in the UK. Can I fly and navigate in these regions although there is no scenery/airports in afs2? I know there are many airports available all over the world but are there any vors/ndb's in these areas?

    How would I create a flight in afs2 from Innsbruck to Nice for example? The scenery is not that important to me. It's about learning to fly and navigate.

    Thanks in advance!!


    Hi guys,

    So I bought both ovrdrop and dailyvr and I just don't manage to open a screen in aeroflyfs2 whatsoever. PDF, word file or browser......I do not see anything while wearing my Oculus rift (only in Oculus home environment but NOT while running afs2)

    What am I doing wrong??

    Any advice would be great!