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    Hi,to be honest I keep going back to p3dv4 lately because in single pass rendering it looks pretty good in VR. Afs2 looks better, no doubt, but flying feels so alone and a bit sterile. Trying to landy a2a Cessna in a wind gust feels more alive and way more exciting.

    Afs2 is the sim of the future of course. Smooth, stable, easy controls setup. Love it. Developers are super friendly and professional..if just there was some exciting weather, that would make a huge difference!! Enough scenery add-ons for AFS2 now. Let's focus on weather!!




    I made my own head tracker using 3 LEDs and Sony Playstation camera and removed the IR lens and used a piece of old Kodak film as a filter. This looked very promising but I never managed to get the tracking how I wanted it. Always messing with position of my head, the camera, distance to the camera and other light sources in the room. I bought the Delanclip but I kept having problems with calibration and curves in facetracknoir.

    Finally I bought the Oculus rift and never looked back. I know, this is not the answer to your question but I wanted to share my experience with you.

    I haven't tried TrackIR but what I believe it is much better out of the box.

    If you insist on building your own tracker make sure to buy a camera with removable ir lens. I bought the PlayStation cam for 5 dollars.

    Good luck,


    Cool! I live in the Netherlands!

    It's so flat that we always go to the mountains in our holidays 😉.

    Looks pretty authentic to me. How do the hills in the south look? The problem is that our country is very narrow there so when flying a bit higher you will see Belgium and Germany immediately. How is the transition?


    I can feel your loss Andrew.

    Your dad would be proud of your cockpit when it's finished.

    I had a 3 year old boy when my dad died. His only grandchild. Wanted to make some more memories also.....

    Be strong for now Andrew, your grief will slowly faint. You're gonna be ok.

    Have a good day from the Netherlands


    Very sorry to hear this Andrew. My condolences from the Netherlands. I lost my father 3 years ago and he was my computer buddy for 30 years since I was a kid. He didn't like flight sims though....

    My thoughts go out to you and your family.


    Hello everyone,

    Have been playing around with Xplane 11 and DCS for a year. I missed the colours, fps and crisp image of afs2 however, especially in VR. So...I came back to afs2. There have been many updates so my question is: what is the best Plane to fly? I would like to learn something new

    I was a bit bored by the sterile c172 and fly on rails behavior. What is the most accurate and fun plane to fly around. The fighters look cool but I'm guessing there a bit arcade. Looking at the wiki tells me the a320 and q400 are the most serious planes. What do you guys think??

    Thank you!!

    I'll have to agree with j van e that afs2 looks amazing especially in VR. The feeling of being alone in the sky keeps me going back to p3d more and more however. The alive feeling of the ngx737, mytraffic 6 and as16 with changing (and historical) weather options and all sorts of moving maps combined with pfpx is hard to beat. Admitted, the frames are much lower but 100 % fluidity doesn't keep me busy eather. I've dropped photoscenery in p3d because of massive hard disk space and overall dull appearance.
    Afs2 has lots of potential but I bought it 19 months ago and there is not an awefull lot that has changed. Orbx and q400 are nice though.



    Hello, I have a i7 2600k and a gtx 970 gpu and AFS2 is running perfectly with supersampling about 1.5. I dont see much difference between 1.5 to 1.7 or higher so I'm pretty happy with it.



    Hello flying friends,

    I have been trying to adjust throttle and mixture using my mouse wheel in the c172 modded version. Also the engine does not react to mixture settings at all. The mod is great however I have had this problem since the latest 2 or 3 versions of the mod. I dont use the original 172 so I copy/pasted the cold and dark mod files directly in the c172 folder. Would that be a problem?

    Thanks for your advice



    A few years ago I came across this website.

    It seemed like a lot of fun to practice VOR flying in the c172 but I never liked FSX so I did other stuff. Now I would like to do this in AFS2 in VR.

    The airports and navaids mentioned on the website are all in the eastern part of the US for instance Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

    Are there vors and ndbs in afs2 in that area. I know there are only a few airports.... Is it possible to add vors and their frequencies in afs2?

    Is there anyone willing to share some airports they created in that part of the US?

    Thank you!



    How can I manipulate the file/text so that only one camera position is under keyboard button "2" and not a few. I mean pressing the key a few times gives multiple views. Would like to pin just one view to lets say key 1 to key 5, so five different views each having their own key.

    Thanks again🙋

    Ok, I found the files. However, changing parameters to adjust the view for lets say the copilot seat is something different.I have no idea how and what to change and what the effect will be. Lets say I want no copilot view in the c172 but a radio stack closeup. How would I achieve that?



    Hello flightfriends,

    Is it possible to create custom views of for example the radio stack or some other panels. I tried to change the view (number 2) in C172 so that the viewpoint is slightly moved toward the instruments. However, the moving distance of the viewpoint is not that big. Because I have the oculus rift I'd like to have a better view at some panels and instruments. Would it be possible to zoom in VR. This does not seem to work right now. If I could have some custom views "under" lets say keys 1 to 5 on my keyboard that wouid make a big difference. Also I would like to remove the outside view of the airplane because I dont use them. Instead I'd like some different inside views attached to those buttons!

    thanks in advance,