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    Dear all,

    Have been playing al lot with afs2 these days. I never bothered much with nvidia settings, just in game settings.

    I was wandering if any of you also changed nvidia control panel settings? Maybe some settings are killing my vr experience without knowing.

    The VR experience is pretty good but I don't want to miss out on some tweaks, if possible

    I have a gtx970 and 32 Gb ddr3 and a i7 2600K

    thanks very much!



    Jan is absolutely right. The cost of the ssd's was not really an issue for me. But if you want the best bang for the buck for large scenery, movies, storage ec then hdd has a better value for the money. I have a few 2 Tb external disis for backups, home made movies etc.


    SSD is the best investment I did in 20 years. I bought 5 of them in the last 5 years (and all them still work btw!). Samsung 840 are great and also Sandisk 900 something Gb is amazing. Copy scenery, delete it, try some software, start up excel etc.....everything is much much faster with SSD installed.

    Cheers jozef

    Hello flight friends,

    I know this is a known problem also is fsx and dcs etc. Is it possible to zoom in using oculus rift?

    I know I can reset view and change my seat position aft and forward etc but would realy like to zoom in to the panels in the A320 because those numbers are sooooo small!

    Any help would be great!


    That seems smart. Been trying this meself😉. My problem however is how to combine the smaller areas without strange borders or black lines.
    Do you just choose coordinates that lie within the downloaded massive tile abundance.
    I tried the pyrenees and at level 2 it took me 20 hours of downloading...

    At level 0 this would be 320 hours if Im correct and probably over a Tb in disk space. That is just too much to handle I guess.

    Fset seems very very stable indeed!

    Cheers and good luck!


    Hello everybody,

    Tried as many as 20 or so conversions. The larger ones kept crashing sooner or later and it took a lot of effort to create one working scenery package. Tried level -1 to 3 in fset combined with different levels in geoconvert 9-14. I have 32 Gb installed so memory should not be an issue. Then I created a 32 GB pagefile on one of my ssd drives ( advanced system settings...performance. And there you should find the settings. I rebooted and did 5 succesfull conversions since. I even started aeroflyfs2 and flew during one conversion and it just did not crash!!!

    Hope this helps some of you.



    Would you give me the coordinates of the scenery? Im from holland and dont know much about australia and its beauty.

    Did you use the cashe option in fset?? I have 32 gig ram so that shoul not be a problem then.


    Ok thanks! How do you process such a large area? I did some 60 Gb area recently and geoconvert crashed multiple times.

    Do you produce adjacent areas or areas that slightly overlap? I presume you did not create this scenery in one geoconvert session did you?

    Thanks in advance

    Beats me, I have the exact same problem. In game I see the stripes also! But only when I produce 2 adjacent tiles I think.

    The black squares a also very strange because I had them in an area that was just default afs2 scenery!

    Ok thank you! But how come when I zoom in at Texel island I see so many small different squares with virtual earth an NO tiles even with google earth in fset! When I zoom in with google maps I can zoom in so far that I recognize the brand of a parked car. Zooming in in fset with google earth does not work so good. Is the server adress in the ini file correct? I used the ini file they recommended in the wiki.

    Thanks for your response btw!