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    Hello aerofly friends,

    Tried to create few tiles of Texel island in the netherlands @ level 0 in FSET.

    Area is 20 nm * 20 nm and about 15 Gb size.

    The problem is that resolution looks good but color difference is ugly. Tiles look like patchwork. Very dark squares and very bright squares mixed together. I used virtual earth as server\source but google earth is probably better but that doesnt work either because zoomlevel is awefull.
    I used ortho4xp quite often and the results were better. Google earth server gave much better results there. How is that possible? Can I use Bing as tile server in FSET ini. Bing gave me very good results in ortho for the netherlands. What bing adress do I add to the FSET ini file?

    Any help would be great??


    Hi Dree,

    Have besn playing with geoconvert and did not complete a succesfull scenery that I kept. Jusf practise. But, I will try Texel scenery today!

    Problem is that FSET takes about 10 hours or more to do a 25×25 nm in resolution 0 or -1. I tried geoconvert but it crashed due to memory issues and I deletet the bmp files immediately......not so smart because I could have done the scenery in smaller parts I understand now. Zeeland seems cool also! I use aerofly in VR so I need high resolution scenery so I think I'll make -1 res scenery. These are huge files but geoconvert compresses it pretty well. Let me start up my pc now and I will let you know how it goes.



    Hello thank you,

    I used something like the following: (not for my Texel tiles but this is the format I pasted in the config_sample-only.tmc

    So only 2 digits after the decimal.

    I did not rename the config-sample-only.tmc file. Should this be renamed in some way and placed in a different folder??



    <[bool] [write_ttc_files][true]>


    <[bool] [always_overwrite][true]>



    <[uint32] [level] [9]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-4.83 44.42]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-8.86 44.41]>



    <[uint32] [level] [11]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-4.83 44.42]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-8.86 44.41]>



    <[uint32] [level] [12]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-4.83 44.42]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-8.86 44.41]>



    <[uint32] [level] [13]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_min] [-4.83 44.42]>

    <[vector2_float64] [lonlat_max] [-8.86 44.41]>

    Hello everybode,

    I am very excited about this tool and have been playing with it for a few hours. However there is something I am doing wrong. I'll describe the steps I took and I hope someone just says...ahhh... you are missing a step here or there!

    -went to to find coordinates of Texel (Dutch Island)

    Texel International Airport, Postweg 120, 1795 JS De Cocksdorp, Netherlands


    53.117750053° 7' 3.90'' N


    4.82713404° 49' 37.68'' E

    -Typed in coordinates in FSET and pressed START (used virtual earh service as earth service and FSX as scenery compiler and all other settings : NO)

    This created 4 files (2 .bmp files and 1 .inf file and 1 .txt file)

    -copy-pasted these 4 files in the following folder:
    ....\AF2 scenery sdk and converter\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools_20170714\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools_20170714\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools\aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert\input_aerial_images

    -Ran inf2tfwConverter and pointed to the input_aerial_images. A new .tfw file appeared in that folder.

    -I converted the coordinates using and pasted the results in the config-sample-only.tmc file with Notepad++

    -Tried to run the geoconvert.exe file but I got an error (initializing tm. log file:

    with following error code

    1.60-elevation: loading configuration file ''= ERROR: (error loading '')

    -Ran the config-sample-only.bat file and geoconvert started running!

    -After message: "succesfull completion" there are NO files in \aerofly_fs_2_geoconvert\scenery\images!

    I tried this 5 times and no results what soever.

    Can anybody help me back on the right track?

    thanks in advance.


    The Netherlands

    Would be great if
    I could try some scenery myself before playing with the convert tool. Is there any way to have some scenery uploaded to wetransfer or something.


    Dear flight friends,

    Have downloaded the Utah content and it's absolutely amazing that it's available for free. Enjoyed Aeroflyfs2 in VR so far!

    The problem however is that I dont't see any airports in the Utah region. As far as I know at least Salt Lake City would be a takeoff option.

    I checked the Steam library integrity and also de-installed Aeroflyfs2 and downloaded the complete package again yesterday.

    any help would be greatly appreciated! Tnx


    The Netherlands