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    I am not a Mac user. But under Windows you find your attached hardware under devices and printers. I believe under mac is the devices. There your dongle should be visible. It should then be calibrated like a game controller (such as a gamepad). There you can also see how many functions are transferred (switch etc) If you have all channels (in my remote control, there are 8 channels) calibrated, then these functions should also work under RC7. If not, then you have to assign the functions such as flaps etc. a key from the keyboard.
    But a DX8 with the correct dongle should already be able to transmit 8 channels. In the appendix I have you a few pictures of the procedure under windows attached.
    So - first look how many functions you can calibrate under Mac. Then re-calibrate under RC7 and assign the corresponding levers and switches to the functions under advances Channel setup.

    Thanks for all the information I will have to look into into it over the next few days. I will let you know of any progress I make, once again thanks for your time and effort it is appreciated.

    Flight equipment is assigned in the "Advanced Channel Setup", not in the transmitter.
    In the transmitter you assign switches and sticks to "channels" ("servo output").
    Rgds Jürgen

    Thanks for that but I have been in Advanced channel set up. I select x,y or z axis or rotation and move switches on my transmitter but i can see nothing is happening.

    Hi I bought the Ikarus flight controller as it seemed to me the the Ikarus controller would work with the RC7, wrong. First it is of very low quality how they can charge that money for something like that!
    My problem is I cannot configure it no mater how many times I try. Then I went into the advanced configure section and found that when just elevator is applied it also applies aileron. Also if I just apply aileron it also applies elevator. There appears no way to stop this happening. Oh and the two switches appear to do nothing. Would I be better off buying their interface cable and use my Spektrum? Or has anyone had a similar problem and knows how to get around the problem.