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    I just wanted to add one more thought. Since the the globe is now open to fly anywhere, I’m looking for new airports to fly into. However after I land at an airport and taxi to the terminal or ramp and shut down, it would be wonderful since the sim saves your last location to be able to load the sim again and choose cold and dark or whichever condition you want.

    Many airports have no spawns points at all so we have to manually place the aircraft anyway unless we want to start on the runway. This would add a lot more “realism” (everyone has a different idea of realism) to the game.

    I totally understand Jetpack’s response but we can already move the aircraft wherever we want but always have to spawn with engines running and ready for takeoff.

    The issue with a free position on the ground is that you could collide with objects when you spawn in. That why we only have fixed parking positions at which you can start the flight which we know are free of obstacles.

    I totally understand that thinking however I often move my aircraft around on the ground just to check out different areas. While I do collide with static objects sometimes, for the most part the map shows you where the buildings are.

    It was just a suggestion that I thought might be easier to add than more manual gates especially for cold and dark startups in newer areas of the global map. Also the tug is available for push back anywhere on the ground so it seems a shame not to be able to take advantage of the wonderful hand crafted terminals.

    Question for the developers. Is there any way it would be possible to set the cold and dark condition anywhere as long as the altitude is ground level?

    A few people are asking for more gates and I have no doubt it’s very time consuming to add them manually.

    It would be great if we could just manually place our aircraft wherever we want and start from cold and dark.

    Has there been any confirmation that the removal of city lights on iOS devices was on purpose to increase performance? The sim ran great on my device before the update.

    Not trying to complain because this is the first mobile version of Aerofly that I’m really enjoying but the night lighting is a big part of the reason I love it and am happy paying for the subscription.

    Edit: Apparently I need to read. I see they are testing in the Beta and lights have been added back in. Hopefully a good balance can be found that gives everyone the performance and features that make this the best sim on mobile.

    Do the shadows look better? Mine has similar specs.

    I’m away from my device at the moment and I didn’t pay attention to the shadows. Even at 100 pixel density the performance seemed locked at 60fps but I didn’t try it with full clouds and large airport. The missing night lights is a problem which I assume was just an oversight when they released this build.

    Yup you’ve earned the commission for sure :)

    I will try those routes definitely. I am pleasantly surprised so far as to me the clouds look more realistic and seem to have less of a performance hit than the last version even dialed right up. I enjoyed flying into Corsica in the last version and thought the scenery was quite good but it’s good to know it’s even better now.

    I appreciate your positivity mcgregni. I just went ahead and purchased it and to remember the positives and why I love flight simulation. It is a very well done application and of course the developers require funding to continue working.

    I guess my main gripe is the same as overloaded stated that it is technically a subscription based game and perhaps the developers could be more transparent about that. I’m really not a negative person and I prefer to fly realistically so now at least we can fly long hauls across the US.

    So far it runs perfectly at 60fps on my iPad Pro so I’ll stop complaining haha.

    I really do think the app is the best representation of flying you can get on mobile. The planes are very high quality and fly very well. I don’t mean to only complain about things and the price itself isn’t outrageous but still $30 Canadian to get the same application I have now but with 3 more planes that won’t fly more than once as I prefer the airliners just doesn’t sit right with me. Also as a customer that bought AFS 22, I would like to have support and updates for more than a year.

    Yup and I feel the same way however as I stated I really wish they would update existing versions of the game instead off releasing a new version and charging for it again. If they were to offer upgraded resolution for to the game I have I would have paid for it but this feels like a cash grab forcing the customer to buy everything again. Just my personal opinion but after buying all their games it gets old. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Fly safe friend.

    That's the other thing. I'm on IOS with an ipad pro and if they never officially add city lighting then I can't manipulate the file system and add night lighting/buildings from the great 3rd party modders. Honestly I think I'm going to pass as I've bought every mobile version other than this one and they keep releasing the same game and charging money for the same things while adding a few extras instead of updating. I feel slightly taken advantage of. Thanks for answering questions.

    Ok thank you. I'm not sure I want to purchase everything again especially if they will just release another one next year and do the same thing.

    How is the performance as I have seen comments from people saying they have bad fps? Also I noticed they are working on ground services for PC but no mention of mobile. That for me is the main thing I don't like. Seeing beautiful airport environments and not being able to spawn at a gate feels wrong.

    I don’t own AFS 2023 but am curious if it’s necessary to purchase all dlc and regions again since I have AFS 22 and if there is much difference apart from the couple new aircraft.

    Also since the AFS 22 is no longer on the App Store (IOS) I assume there is no longer any support or updates for a game that came out a year ago.

    I am an iOS user and although I am glad to have dynamic lighting for landing lights/nav lights I am also frustrated that the two versions are so different. On android it is possible to install external files to render city lights and make the game more alive at night but then you have no light reflections so taxiing at night is impossible. Us iOS users have dynamic lighting but no city lights. Although I will continue to support the game as a one time purchase as I disagree with subscription based games, I agree that the two platforms are somewhat different games that I hope will be fixed eventually.

    Yeah the A320 is the closest to real thing of all the planes with the MCDU functionality. I think I remember a discussion before but does anyone know if you can skip a waypoint and fly direct to another one or is deleting the waypoints in between the only way?

    Pokredde sorry if this was already suggested but is there any way that your sensitivity is turned down on your rudder pedals somewhere? Since the easy setting on the R22 automatically adds left rudder for you maybe you don't have any rudder travel left to go any farther since you said it moves a bit but not much.