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    Pokredde sorry if this was already suggested but is there any way that your sensitivity is turned down on your rudder pedals somewhere? Since the easy setting on the R22 automatically adds left rudder for you maybe you don't have any rudder travel left to go any farther since you said it moves a bit but not much.

    I second this. I haven't enjoyed flying any of the fixed wing aircraft with VR controls but it really shines with the R22. I still use a saitek throttle quadrant beside my seat for collective which is personal preference mostly because I have some of the switches bound to clutch etc. However using the cyclic with touch controller gives an amazing amount of precision. Anyone having trouble with the R22 and using VR should try it.

    It's worth mentioning that those with a super sensitive flight stick might have a different experience but the longer throw of the actual cyclic stick in the aircraft makes it more controllable.

    I will mention that in aircraft with a lot of screens I get what might be ASW kicking in from the oculus software and causing the strange visual artifacts you get sometimes. I haven’t monitored the performance so I’m not sure.

    I use a gtx 1080/i5 4690k and everything is on max with 2.0 resolution and it is perfectly smooth. I play in VR exclusively but when I ran it in 2D without vsync my FPS was in the hundreds so the 1080 is more than capable of handling the sim.

    Okay thank so for the suggestion.

    That leads to another question. If I convert say levels 11 and 12 and put them in the images folder to try, can I then run geoconvert again to convert 13 and 14 and then put the .ttc files in the images folder and have everything’s work alright?

    Thank you nickhod. I had figured that out looking at the file structure in the main Aerofly folder. This software is great so far and I’m looking forward to it having increased functionality.

    I have read some of the geoconvert tutorials on the ipacs wiki but I still don’t quite understand the relationship between the levels and zoom settings. Is there a better zoom setting to use with certain levels that you choose in AeroScenery?

    Hi guys. For me I can't use the keys I have bound to move whether I'm in VR mode or monitor mode. Perhaps just having the Oculus software or Steam Vr software installed disables the move function. However I can for example use the arrow keys that I have bound to move in VR in the cockpit camera no problem so I'm puzzled.


    I assume there must be a way to move around in that view or there wouldn't be much point in having it. I thought Maybe I could set the move commands to an axis similar to slew in FSX like you said but to no avail. Hopefully someone might have a suggestion. It would be great for you to be able to move around your environments and see them from different angles.

    Hi Trespassers.

    Mine had a problem with ground steering when I first installed it after they released the sdk originally and the textures were all screwed up. After I reinstalled the updated one both the steering and textures were fixed.

    Hi Delfin.

    I have an Oculus rift. I'm not sure about the Vive but I assume it would be similar to the Rift in that I can walk through walls essentially and can get outside the plane but the distance I can move is limited to my room size. That's why I was hoping to be able to bind movement commands and simulate walking around the plane for more immersion.


    So no matter what I bind the move commands to, I cannot move the view in the dev. camera. The move controls work for every interior camera. I have unbound the pan controls and it makes no difference. I even tried removing the main.mcf file so a new one is created but that makes no difference.
    I am using the beta build if that has anything to do with it.

    Sorry for taking up your time. If you have no more ideas then I'll stop bothering you so you can answer important questions.Haha.


    That's strange. My arrow keys are bound to look by default or the same thing my mouse does. I can't bind them to anything else. All they do is look left/right/up/down.

    That is only in the developer camera. I have them bound to move same as you in the other interior cameras.

    Are the move commands possibly bound to something by default or am I missing something. All the other cameras you can bind the move commands to any key without issue so it just seems the developer camera is the exception. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the response. I finally got to try it and while the camera view exists in developer mode, I can't seem to get any key bindings to move the camera. This is in 2D mode by the way. I have tried binding the forward/back/left/right keys to different assignments but only the arrow keys move the camera up/down and side to side just as the mouse does but no other keys are effective.

    Just wondering if anybody who has taken a look at the underlying code knows if a free roam camera would be possible? Being able to walk around the airplanes in VR exterior/interior would be incredible as well as the detailed airports.
    I stood up from the jump seat today in the 737 and walked through the cockpit door into the cabin by mistake and can't stop thinking about it now. Haha.

    Hi. It means that 10.9 GB of your 98.72 GB of information has been replaced with different information. Not adding more information. In the end you have the same amount.

    Hope that makes sense.