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    Wow Jan

    I'm impressed!!!!

    Yes, I can explain that this is a game and the ATC language used is very close to reality. Maybe those friends of yours that may be "severely affected" in some way by listening to a Cessna 172 dialogue with ATC will grow up driving busses and trains and therefore not be totally disabled for life.


    That's Funny

    When is the wrong question to ask anyone affiliated with IPACS. We never publish any release dates because we don't want people to say "you promised us this xx time ago" and this way we don't have to finish the projects by a deadline which only leads to bugs and a lot of temporary solutions or unfinished publications. Stable software and high performance doesn't come from rushing towards a release date...

    Fair enough!!!

    Please stay open minded and accept that different users have different preferences.
    I don't see a meaning by replacing FSX just by another flight sim with the same functions, I like the different approach of aerofly FS 2.
    And since voiceattack is done here by users it does not allocate IPACS resources.

    Couldn't agree more. This, as simple as it is, really
    Adds to the immersion in VR

    I'll try to fix these issues with the control assignments of the autopilot. The clicking with the mouse should always work, pressing a button only sends a certain message to the aircraft, if the message key doesn't match how the autopilot is programmed then the key won't work. Same with the clickspot that you activate with the mouse. If the message from the clickspot is not recognized by the ap then it won't work. I'm going to debug all the key assignments and clickspot functions once I am finished with the ground work of the autopilot. There is still a bit of ground to cover, contstraints is one of them.

    The assignable messages also don't fit all aircraft well. That is why it is currently only working for some aircraft. E.g. the B747 and A320 use a managed heading command, the LJ45 uses a "navigation" command which accounts for multiple navigation sources....

    Thank you so very much!


    When I go to controller set up then to the autopilot tab then assign
    a key to the navigation function you cannot operate the navigation button on the autopilot with that
    keyboard button if you click on it with a mouse you can operate it
    all the rest of the buttons ( vertical, speed, heading, altituude ) on the auto
    pilot you can assigned a keyboard key and they work fine .

    This is not about binding a button. This is about controlling the function after the button is bound with that button

    In addition the NAV button on the auto pilot on the Lear works perfect
    If you use the mouse to activate it

    It is not just me that is having to his problem. Everyone is having this problem