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    I have no technological modeling skills, but as a veteran Flight Simmer of 18+ years (since FS 98 came out) I believe whatever method was used in this sim for scenery ( as far as the city buildings go) is the answer for the future. Las Vegas and San Francisco look and function amazing. The low resolution low altitude scenery I don't have an answer for, but I hope whatever is done does not effect frame rates. Animated water is vehicular traffic is a must for the future though. If it weren't for all the payware aircraft I have in FSX I would have already uninstalled it. Great Job gentleman, and keep up the amazing work!

    Is there a list of the software needed to create hi res scenery? Although I have no experience modeling scenery, I am willing to give it a shot given I have the correct tools. Purchasing software is not an issue. Also, I would love to know how the FS 2 aircraft were modeled? I am completely blown away at how accurate the details are, reflections, the feel of heft and weight of the aircraft upon landing is just amazing.

    This is a must for this simulator. I only wish I knew how to create hi res 3D scenery but my skills stop at Photoshop. I only hope with all the 3rd party developers that this Sim doesn't turn out to be a modern day FSX which would kill the frame rates and become a 64 bit disaster. The aircrafts are amazingly stunning and I love how simplified they made the flying so that you can enjoy the scenery. Aircraft dynamics are simply amazing.