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    You used the word "make" while my initial enquiry was about "transforming" an already made-scenery for use in FS2. I have maybe 400 airfields already made, plus at least another 400 made by others, almost all in Canada and Alaska. If I have to "make" all these again then..... It isn't going to happen! And flying over a Canada that is unpopulated means that I will stay with FS9. Comments?

    I think that what you are describing is exactly what is contained in the scenery.bgl produced by GenX. I have seen scenery made for FS9 and FSX and they contain several bgl's in the scenery folder, one for each scenery object etc. The single scenery.bgl produced by GenX wraps all of that into one. So, it seems at least possible, (or even probable?) that this 3D model bgl be converted into FS2? Or maybe it is impossible to say for sure one way or the other? In any case I am not about to plunge into this immediately, but a year from now........ I want to have a plan and VR has to be a central part of that plan, plus being able to fly in areas I am familiar with, in Canada and Alaska.

    I am not sure what you mean by "a 3D model" of the airport, but:

    I use a programme called SceneryGenX to make scenery, and what this produces upon compiling is just one scenery.bgl that includes all the information regarding the airport including buildings, vehicles, fuel tanks, windsocks, aprons, runways, etc. The only separate information is for the ground textures on which the airport is placed, such as grass. And of course the textures for the buildings.

    Is that a 3D model? GenX is, by the way, very good in that I can see all of the relationships, such as "Is all of that hangar on the apron, or is it partly on the grass?"

    And the second response leads me to believe that I can remake a scenery, using the already-made buildings that have been converted. Correct me if I am wrong, and now that I am writing this I cannot go back and read again what was written.

    Thanks for those responses.

    In a review of FS2 I read that "you can add your own scenery". I have made scenery for FS9, totalling around 400 or so and almost all in Canada. Before I investigate the technical details (I scanned the document, and then put it aside) I would like to know one thing. Can FS9 scenery be loaded for use with FS2? I understand there could be a conversion process, but I would hope for one that "converts existing" rather than making one start from zero. Of course the best answer would be that scenery can also be used direct from your own hard drive,and does not need to be "steamed". Dream on.