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    For that matter, Arno Gerretsen's ModelConverterX - a tool that most FSX/P3D developers will be familiar with - can read/write/convert files to the AC3D format as well. I downloaded the AC3D exporter for Blender and am trying it out now. This could be a promising avenue for porting content to FS2.


    Would it help to have the source code for a Blender tool set that exports to FSX/P3D? There's open source code available for that, and I can happily provide it. Speaking as a developer of addons for FSX/P3D, I'd very much love to have the option to export my work for AFS2 as well. It's a great looking sim, and I've got projects that I'd happily port to it, but I don't have access to 3DS Max/C4D, nor the means to acquire such access.