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    Before I experiment and mess up my controls, if/when I buy the Pro Flight Yoke, is there a way to set up controls in game or on the Yoke to control rudder without pedals?

    I am sure I will but them at a later date but one thing at a time!

    I play in VR and and looking to get the Pro Flight Yoke. The Trim Wheel seems to be dicontinued as nowhere has it, with the controls available on the yoke/throttle, is there anything suitable for controlling trim?

    I blasted up as high as 83,000 feet today and noticed, in VR at least, that I in know way looked that high. I could still make out smaller buildings and all and didn't compare to high alt pics on Google.

    Don't know what happened to other thread...

    Found on some forum somewhere that laptop stands from Ikea make awesome HOTAS Stands, so I went and got some.

    £15 each and called Svartasen. You just don't add the top table part.

    In flightsims can also place stick central between legs depending in aircraft, and in Elite Dangerous in VR can position them exactly as they are in game.

    I found the idea of these Ikea laptop stands on some forum somewhere, and today I went and got them, they are a awesome!

    Bonus is in Elite Dangerous in VR I can position them exactly where they are in game.

    For Aerofly can also position the stick between legs as it should be in some planes and helicopters when that applies.

    They are £15 each called Svartasen... and if you go to Ikea in Reading UK they are aisle 36 position 10 :)…stand-black-art-40242177/

    The AF2 wiki is a great source of info, and I was wondering when it comes to speeds and all on some aircraft, which weight should we be looking at?