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    Good idea ref the Xbox controller. I have one with my rift but have never used it. Can you tell me what assignments you have to it please?

    Well it seems theres a few bugs, some things you can't assign to certain buttons. I just use it more for game functions than flyings.

    Up/down on D-pad for time. Annoyingly you can't have an analogie stick for this, you can assign it but it doesn't work.

    Left thumbstick for rotating view around plane, for when I'm outside view. Sadly zoom doesn't seem to work when assigned to a stick.

    Bumper buttons to change view.

    Y for screen shot without overlay.

    Click right thumstick for lacations. Another weird one, it lets you assign but not use any of the X, Y, A, B buttons for this.

    So I have no aircraft controls assigned, which may be more useful if you fly the bigger birds and needs TO/GA etc.

    Not tried using the tool since it was new really.

    I, like many, could not seemlessly join adjacent tiles created with the tool. Black lines would form, or stripes, large voids, etc.

    Are people managing it now, is it easy to do?


    Ive found a version and got it loaded but just seems to keep wanting me to set up Steam VR but i dont use that i use Oculus so it's not really working

    Doesn't Oculus have it's own thing?

    On The Glideslope uses Oculus and pulls windows in to his VR world in X-Plane, though it's an Oculus feature so I expect works in anything.

    I don't have an Oculus so can't explain it, but go to 55s in this video...

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    I totally get the displacement thing, but would love it as an option.

    For the most part it is really annoying. On the other hand, it does allow you to manipulate controls for comfort. So by grabbing the yoke and overly moving back and left the right amount, I can position my arm comfortably on my arm rest with the yoke now being centered.

    Given the choice of one or the other though, I'd prefer the more realistic approach and that elastic band method sounds great.

    I would love this application and it's available to buy on Steam.....only one problem for me, it only works on Windows 8 and above!!! I have 7. Anyone know if there is an old version available anywhere that i could use, that's if there was one?!


    It says "OpenVRDesktopDisplayPortal is now OVRdrop! The new version only supports Windows 8 or above".

    That makes it sound like this previous version works with older versions of Windows. It's free anyway so give it a try!

    Ah ok, fair enough.

    I will say that is has worked perfectly for me for quite a long time, so I highly recommend it. I have even watched an in flight movie using it before in VR :)

    Currently there are no supported ways to view FSWidgets from within a VR headset.

    I just used FS Widgets in VR, worked perfectly using OpenVRDesktopPortal. Created a flight plan too with Quickplan and followed it.

    Anyone playing in VR needs that program, you can have any window in VR, move it around, resize it, etc all with VR controllers. I have it small and transparent until I look at it, then it becomes clear and enlarges.

    Co pilot. Believe it used to basically just fly the plane for you but the feature was broken by other updates a while back. Don't know if it's meant to be fixed again or not.

    Hopefully someone else with more knowledge can chime in.

    Haptic feedback on Vive is great now, thanks for that :)

    One little nice addition if ever possible, would be a haptic response when you grab something. When I grab the throttle in the 172, I don't know if I actually have hold of it without looking at it and give it a slide. Same with anything really.

    As I said before, I can't use a yoke as intended as the base unit is in the way, but there is a rather severe solution to this.

    The Yoko Yoke can be supplied with different length of shaft, so long enough that you can reach a controller behind the yoke and operate things. Not cheap, but from reviews it's apparently a very nice bit of kit anyway.

    It's in the same location as before; under the front panel and the yoke

    Thank you!

    I actually now think I maybe always thought there wasn't one lol, it really is tucked away under there. I think the image I had in my mind was from XP.

    So basically for me, VR hands came with a bonus parking brake DLC lol.