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    Wow looks cool, I know absolutely nothing about G-seats... What are the pros and cons of one of these compared to a motion seat like Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3?


    Well I had made a setup for VR flying where a Saitek Multi Control panel was bolted to a wood piece, which was bolted to the top of the yoke, and the throttle component also on wood lower down, all to the side.

    Thanks to both AF and XP having hands, Multi Panel is now on eBay and throttle section back in the box :)

    Intend to use yoke, pedals and VR hands only from now on.


    Cancel that plan. Even with nothing else around, the yoke itself gets in the way af flicking light switches and adjust a knob or two :(

    Only solution would be to extend the reach of the yoke...

    Oh but I did just manage 2 beautiful landings using the virtual yoke.

    I do think a physical yoke in combo with VR hand for everything else would be the ideal mix. Achievable by having yoke stick out from desk, on a bit of clamped wood, which can just be slid back or put away when no in use.

    I find with VR hand on virtual yoke it's hard to have any finesse. As I have stated on anoher post, I wish they would change it for a true 2 handed option in the same way 2 handed rifles are implement on good VR games. Or even how the VR mod for Richard Burns Rally lets you control the steering wheel with VR controllers. I believe they must use the measured angle between them or something.

    Just one tiny idea... on Vive when squeeze grip buttons 3 fingers curl in but leave index finger pointed out, so it is more like a pointing hand. To prevent touching a button or switch by mistake (doesn't happen much but has happened) why not make it so the index finger doesn't interact until it's pointing?

    I actually assumed that's how it's is meant to be, otherwise I don't understand why when I grab the yoke the index finger stays pointing out.

    BTW pressing anywhere on touch pad, as in clicking it in, acts like the Wiki says the menu button should be doing. I have got stuck in changing view loops because of it.

    You can grip the yoke with both hands now. But since your other hand doesn't know where the yoke is moving then it's difficult to do.

    The virtual hands that you see were hand made and coded with the motion that you see. It's very unlikely that we will rebuild the entire model just to change the color.

    Ah ok it seemd to just swap hands when I tried. I thought maybe hands could be reskinned no worries it's awesome anyway!!!

    ... just need that Vive haptic feedback now

    Jeff will there ever be a choice of skins? I'd prefer more real looking or gloved hands than glowing blue which is quite bright in night flights!

    Also any possibility in future to be able to grip yoke in both hands? It would be great if it work in the same way as many of the VR FPS games where you hold a rifle two handed.

    Oh and this update is awesome though!!!

    So now pressing the bottom of the Vive touch pad does centre position too, as well as overly or menu. But shouldn't this be the top little button above the pad?

    Still no feedback, so what does the Wiki mean by feeling it when you push a button?

    I will have to try after deleting the "main" file, as for me the menu button on Vive did nothing. Nothing on controllers would centre view, but holding down on touch pad brought up control overlay or back in to menu.

    Should there be vibration or haptic feedback or whatever? I'm sure I readi there should be, hope so as felt geat in XP but I wasn't getting any.

    Using VIVE, top litte buttons seem to do nothing at all, don't centre position or open menu.

    Plus somehow brought up instruction controls for Touch in white writting, can't get rid of it.

    Here's hoping the windy city hasn't been overdone! ;) Thanks to drhotwing1 (Jeff) for the repaint and instructions for me on how to get it in the sim! :)

    Your pic in that size displayed on the forum is genuinely the first time I absolutely mistook a screenshot for a real life photo!