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    The Quest is truly an amazing piece of technology, now made even better by the ALVR app meaning you can use SteamVR on it, totally wirelessly.

    Takes a couple minutes to install (plenty YouTube vids) and as your router is 5ghz you're good to go. It's early days so it will only get better, it's on Alpha 3 now, but already it's amazing. I was playing Gorn in another room from my rig and base stations, with plenty of room to move, and it looked good and ran pretty smooth!

    It will not replace my Vive Pro obviously for sim use, but the ability to use Steam VR wirelessly on it could eventually mean the Rift S becomes redundant thanks to the resolution and OLED display of the Quest.

    I haven't but I can't grap the throttle without having to shift my lower half quite a bit. Most of the others feel great, but this one in particular seems proportions are wrong, but that's only based on my VR experience and not seeing how an adult would viably fit in there lol.

    In the Baron 58 in VR, the yoke is basically almost in my lap, and my knee is where the throttle is. To put them high enough to avoid this, I pretty much can't see out the window lol. It does feel extremely cramped too.

    Anyone else think scale needs adjusting or controls height or something?

    I was sent their latest platform manager (2.84 R9) which has 2 profiles for Aerofly, ACC and NO ACC. Not sure on the difference, both work, but NO ACC seems better.

    Just tried the R22 and Cessna, both were great :)

    For best results I increased both Roll and Pitch Intensity to max, and in post-processing turn the Roll gain to max.

    In game input interpolation I lower the delay to 100 (any lower you start to feel the judders) and lower Processing Interval to minimum, though not sure this really has an effect.

    I don't know if I am allowed to share it, so you should probably just email NLR and ask for the latest revision.

    If changes were made to Aerofly which makes it work anyway with 2.83, then that's something I missed. I only tried it again once I noticed the profiles were different.

    NO NO NO NO NO, these sorts of posts should not be allowed or should at least come with #notsafeforwallet warnings!

    I am financially irresponsible (like many a simmer), and you sir are not helping matters.

    Sorry, it's just that everything has been quiet a while on this front now and I am very concerned. Have spent a lot of time and effort making my driving rig be adjustable to allow room for VR hands just to play Aerofly with motion. Typically, the R22 update came out the same time I got my NLR motion platform :(


    When I try to start it I just get an error message. Any help please? I wish to create images for UK. Thanks.

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    at AeroScenery.Data.RegistryExtensions.GetValueAsBoolean(RegistryKey key, String name, Boolean defaultValue)

    at AeroScenery.Data.RegistryService.GetSettingsLegacy()

    at AeroScenery.Data.SettingsService.GetSettings()

    at AeroScenery.AeroSceneryManager.Initialize()

    at AeroScenery.Program.Main()

    I know you guys are working to sort the motion issue out, just wondering if there will be an announcement when that happens?

    I only ask because every now and then, like today, the game gets a little update and without knowing what they are I don't want the motion issue to get a stealth fix and be unaware lol, and don't want to keep checking it obviously.

    Sorry I am sure you would announce it, it's just I only had my motion days before the issue arose so am keen to use it with AF!

    Many thanks.