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    I had just woken up, had a little coffee, was lazily checking through several daily sites like I normally do when I saw the topic of this thread popped up after clicking New Posts. My eyes actually opened a little more, excited that we might get to check out (cough)Utah(/cough) today until I realized it was from the last big geo patch they did. (sigh)

    Well, I'm awake now...LoL

    I'm using the Oculus CV1 and the reviews of the VR experience are the reason I decided to give it a shot. It is the *only* VR flying sim that I can find that is 'realistic.' Of course, there are plenty more things to add to make the immersion even better, but there's nothing like those couple of seconds where you have your goggles on and you've made all of your selections in the main menu and you're waiting for the scenario to load into memory then....BAM - you're sitting in the pilot's seat of your favorite plane and are able to look around 360 degrees at everything.

    I always find myself just sitting there for a moment taking everything in before I even start to click any switches.

    I can't wait for what's to come with this game and I hope IPACS is thinking big in the long run.

    The only time I load it up in 2D now is when I want to look at a livery I made in-game and maybe take a screenshot. Even then it feels like I'm playing it on a tablet. No comparison.

    Immersion is the perfect word. Anyone that owns a Rift or Vive owes it to themselves to try it out, even if you wind up wanting a refund. I have a friend who loves his Rift but wasn't interested in "flying games" until I showed him FS2. Now, he's googling everything and wanting to learn how to fly properly. So great...

    Delfinpm, there will never be a "perfect" headset and there will always be a better one on the way. If you're interested, dive in. I had your opinion before I purchased, and since I did I haven't regretted it yet. Oculus even threw us an amazing freebie just recently that's mind-blowing called Robo Recall, if you have the Touch controllers. Wow!

    @ Zer0Squared

    Man, you are an artist in dead.. I found one really cool real repaint of 172 with something like US flag "thrown" over the plane and I thought "I could NEVER reproduce this". You just did it:) Don't tell me you drawn this by hand.. did you?


    By hand, though? Not really. I mean, I did the wheel stripes and belt. The tail graphic is a Superman cape PS-edited from a Google image of him flying. The top of the wings was red-flowing material that I edited as well as adding the logo. The door logo is obvious.

    Glad you like it!

    ZerO, you refer to Qantas? or which one.

    you mentioned you can do it in no time,
    if that's the case, throw them all up,

    method: go from large to small airlines, main livery to special liveries, big aircraft to small aircraft.

    Do you read my thoughts?

    LoL - no, I just thought you were asking for the basic Qantas 747 livery, which I can do. Any of those others.... yeah, that would take a LOT more time.

    Sorry for replying so late but.. I can do this one. No problem.
    I should be able to start this afternoon. Actually, the layout/colors are very similar to the Northwest Airlines I just did - I can probably modify that one enough so that it shouldn't take long.

    I'll let you know when I submit it.

    Hoping for a download section soon or a Workshop section in Steam. In the meantime, here are a few liveries I've made so far.

    I'm hanging on to the files in case anyone else may want these. I'm still tweaking them so hopefully I'll have some finals when we're ready to share them here. :)


    Exactly my problem.. I'm working on this Cessna skin and those damn reflections are coming from nowhere!
    I manually erased them from every layer I could find but they are still there. Can't wait for Rodeo's tutorial;)

    Yep, same here. I would hide a layer, render - still there. Kept going until I rendered just the blank itself and they were *still* there! LoL

    Crazy Cessnas!


    It all depends on how much you want to do and your graphics skill level. The Star Wars 747 didn't take long at all - while the LJ took some time to do, but I'm usually watching movies while I'm working so....maybe 2 hours, because I'm having to figure out what goes where on the templates at times. :) You paint a section (or more), render, look at the preview image it generates and go make changes.

    Here's my latest - a Metallica tour jumbo. This one also took about 2+ hours.


    With his tutorial, Rodeo also inspired me to do a couple of mods myself.

    I'm currently trying to modify the Cessna but I can't seem to get the livery stripes from the 'blank' to vanish. I know how to use Photoshop and understand layers - I actually removed the layers that had the liveries in them from the Specular layers - but I can't figure out where they're coming from. Any help would be appreciated.