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    Yep still no answer. Only ORBX TE Nethelands is affected and there are maybe only a few members that have it, so it seems not urgent.

    We had the same in nov. 2018, IPACS fixed it with a update.

    I did a integrity check but all was fine. And I have it on 2 computers.

    Maybe after the weekend we get an answer (I hope).

    Thanks for your reply.

    See my post above: another try with a new tm.log

    More than a year I have the addons in my G drive and I have the right entry in main.mcf.

    Never had any trouble.

    Of course I tried putting the addon in Documents/.... to exclude every possibility

    But I found the culpritt, my graphic settings were messed up although I didn't touch it since long ago.

    Maybe because of the update?

    Nevertheless, it is working again!

    Another try.

    I did BU all my addons except the payware.

    I did an integrity check and over 1500 files must re DL.

    After that I only placed GCTS but no luck, no buildings only the runway.

    In the tm.log I see : ERROR: (error registering xref 'xref_global', but that is in its right place.

    And I see a lot warnings of files not found from Tenerif south, although they are in the map.

    But maybe that has to do with the error registering xref_global?

    see tm logtm.log

    I hope someone see the light how to solve it.

    AFS2 runs fine there are no errors with integrity check, so a new install is overdone I suppose.

    I tried your suggestion but no succes.

    The problem with FSCP are all over the world.

    The payware sceneries and the magnificent Appolo50 works fine.

    Although the tm.log says several files not found they are in the map.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Yes very strange. I have no buildings at GCTS, only a few static AC.

    I have vesion no Vulkan.

    I am on steam and it has no update. Can I force to update?

    Xref_global is in the right place and the same size as the from the link above, but I replaced it.

    No succes till now.

    I see a lot of errors and warnings in the tm log but I changed nothing in the last weeks.

    Also I see a wrning: error registering xref 'xref_global.

    See attachment .

    Since I am not an expert I don't know what to do.

    Maybe I remove all addons and see what

    Thanks for your reply Spit40.

    I checked (again) some other airports I have installed and they are all fine.

    Then I installed some other FSCloud airports from Norway and guess what, they have also that "spikes".

    So there must be something wrong with the (my) elevation files in that region.

    Have to invesigate that.

    Downloaded ENML from FSCloudport and saw this abnomality.

    Never seen this before, have many AP's all over the world from FSCloudport, so it seems to be an issue with this AP. Any idea?

    30 views already!

    Can someone install this FSCloud airport to see if it is only me?

    Thanks in advance.

    Folks that need to make their own aerial images will need explicit step by step instructions including tips on any Photoshop type mods

    That's the point, you must have the fun and the knowledge to make your own scenery, cultivation and airports.

    I am trying to do so, but I have a lot to read and learn.

    And I guess most of the simmers have not enough time and/or the knowledge to learn this, or willing to do this, it is time consuming.

    Thanks to the magnificent AeroScenery app, aerial images are easy to make.

    So sharing cultivation and tips to edit the images belonging to that cultivation are very welcome.

    Otherwise this is the bottleneck for AFS 2, lack of enough scenery and airports, freeware or payware.