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    Ok, I couldn't resist, 8 more screenshots of how terrain looks now. Just incredible. In VR I almost feel like I'm home!

    Appreciate the leg work! Pulling down some IMGs now.

    Are these screen shots the result of 1/3 or 1/9 arc second meshes?


    Every now and then I notice an abrupt 'state change' of the reflections when flying and recording video. I never really analyzed this. Thanks for the explanation. It's more apparent to me at lower sun angles especially over cities like NY. It's the jarring snap to a new reflection that gets my attention. Maybe smoother transition like a dissolve, if not eliminated.


    Yes, I did the game update, and Aerofly appears in the list correctly. I can make changes to the settings and see them change in-game. The "ghosting" or stuttering is there anytime I pan my head no matter what smoothness settings I use. I have applied a few different default profiles to different axes - smooth, one:one, deadzone, etc - they all have the expected effect but the "notchiness" is still there. Even using precision mode - you get a lag in movement, but the movement is still not smooth.

    I see this complained about quite a bit for TrackIR on some other sims, just have not seen anyone comment on it for Aerofly. I have updated my USB drivers etc. It is weird, because the issue is only there when panning my head with the TrackIR - all other motion in the sim (aircraft, objects, scenery) is smooth as silk. That's what suggests a controller issue to me. Driving me crazy.

    I believe I've got the same symptom. At first I thought it was an issue with Vsync. Wild controller pans are smooth as silk, TrackIR seems to be like a 7 - 10hz sample and update. Notchy when swiveling my head.
    Asus Strix 1080Ti oc'd to 2+ghz, 3770k at 4.8ghz, 32gig . Butter on my ultra wide monitor as well as my Rift with all quality sliders pinned. Non of the 'notchiness'.

    -- Rich