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    I'm in the market for a higher res headset, but keep holding out. (Still somewhat in hope of a proper Rift v2)

    Seems like it's between the Reverb and the Index right now. Pros and cons for each. I could see the Reverb being better for flight sims where resolution is more important than tracking. It depends how bad the WMR tracking is on the Reverb. For a general purpose headset I'd lean towards the Index, but external tracking seems a bit outdated now too.

    It you do get the Reverb, be sure to post about your experience with Aerofly here.

    However Zoom Level 16 is not a good friend of mine ;)

    It's not a good friend of mine either. ;)

    Kind of ironic that USGS is one of the few "free" providers of high res imagery, yet the most locked down in terms of automated download.

    I will email them to confirm that there's no automated way of getting high res tiles.

    Switzerland appears to be working like charm !

    I am almost complete in ZL17.

    Is this with Geoportal? Great to hear if so :thumbup:

    In my testing I noticed that the clarity of the imagery from Geoportal and some of the Scandinavian sources are outstanding.

    The problem is already discovered: deleted the folder "17-geoconvert.ttc", the problem was gone.

    Regards: Delfin

    Hi Delfin,

    If you're still struggling with this I'd recommend you take a quick look through the IPACS wiki to familiarise yourself with the concepts underlying scenery creation.

    Then, take a look through the excellent guide to AeroScenery written by crispy136…ry/106-aeroscenery-guide/

    Although I've tried to make the app as simple as possible, AeroScenery documentation is almost none existent from my side, which I hope to address soon.

    But I can't find the file to install it.

    The beta, linked on the first post of this thread, does not have an installer.

    If it runs, you're done when you've set your SDK path in settings. Put the AeroScenery folder wherever you want.

    Previous releases did have an installer.

    Future production releases will have a zip bundle and an installer.

    I think it is too cumbersome.

    it's supposed to punish other people. In any case, this program is too cumbersome and confusing to download and install.

    Unzip the beta and run the .exe, there is no install for the beta.

    You should not copy it into your Aerofly folder.

    You don't need to copy the SDK into your AeroScenery folder (just set the path in settings)

    You can't see the Start button as your desktop resolution is too low coupled with your Windows font size being very large.

    It will work on a 1366 x 768 monitor, but not with that font size.

    You were right in the reduced window. I did what you suggested: (from upper left corner, deduce it. Then dragging up, but fails to discover "start".

    I suspect that for some reason, this program is not installed correctly. Tonight, I will reinstall it again.

    The beta version should resize down to a minimum to 1366 x 768 resolution with the default Windows font size.

    It looks like the large Windows font size you have set is affecting that.

    At this point the choices would be to either reduce the Windows font size or use a higher resolution monitor.

    Looks like you have been hard at work on AeroScenery. Some really great enhancements. Thanks. Loved that ability to alter the brightness and contrast, and install and delete files so easily. The extra map tile selection sizes give greater flexibility. Lots of extra features, so I'll eventually update my instruction manual to reflect the new options and operations.

    Hi Chirs,

    Great to have your input.

    1) Yep, a few people have requested this and I'm planning to add it.

    2) It doesn't work. I keep forgetting to remove it. For various reasons (de-duping of the same tile from different image sources being one) I decided it better to make it a separate action in the 'above map' tool bar

    3) Yep, same as 1

    4) Now I'm back from holiday I'm going to do some work on ArcGIS and try to detect these failed tile downloads

    5) That's great to hear

    6) Seems promising that IPACS are going to rework GeoConvert to make it close when it's done, removing the need for all of this.

    As an example, I regularly minimize the GeoConvert windows. However, otherwise they always regain focus after a few seconds interrupting my normal work.

    Ah, that's the issue. I'm having to force the window to the foreground to screenshot it to detect when it's done.

    It'll work well if you're not interacting with the computer, but if you're doing other work it's likely to fail.

    Let's hope IPACS improve GeoConvert to make this all unnecessary.

    So, will this all work better if the geoconvert window just closed when complete? I can look into this.

    Closing when complete would improve things greatly.

    Some way of checking how the GeoConvert run went would help also; either writing a log entry or giving a return code.

    I am doing a several-tiles set right now. If the Geocovert window is open it runs through the selected levels and stops with the green ESC message but doesn't close by itself. I have to close it manually, then the next Geoconvert instance starts. Is this okay? I thought the Geoconvert window would be closed and the next instance starts automatically.

    It should be closed automatically if you're using the wrapper. I'll do some more testing with GeoConvert and the new tile sources, but it shouldn't make a difference.

    Ultimately I'm taking screenshots and trying to force the GeoConvert window to the front, which is error prone to say the least.

    Until IPACS put some more time into GeoConvert, these issues with persist unfortunately.

    I have asked several times that Nick either remove the message and turn the system loose after some time delay.

    Single GeoConvert instances utilise all cores. Multiple instances fight for disk IO. On my machine at least, running them parallel was slower and less reliable than sequentially.

    That said, in the next beta release I will add an option to never show that message again after the user has seen it once.

    Is there a bug that i'm not aware of here? Or an I missing something here.

    AeroScenery can call GeoConvert in two ways: the default, which opens up the same number of GeoConvert windows as the number of tiles you have selected, or with the wrapper where I (attempt to) open and close GeoConvert windows sequentially.

    You can change that preference in Settings > GeoConvert

    If you didn't have it selected, you must have inadvertently selected several tiles. It's easy to do as they are selected with one click. The status bar at the bottom will show how many you have selected.

    Opening several GeoConvert processes will usually cause all of them to lock up, so I warn against this in AeroScenery.

    If you had it selected, the process I use to figure out if GeoConvert is done and kill the task hasn't worked. This is entirely possible, as I'm having to screenshot the GeoConvert window every second and scan for green text. GeoConvert (particularly the newest version I find) often fails to report it's done when it's done and just hangs, making this process fail.

    The fragility in the process would be avoided if GeoConvert was a normal console app that exited when it was done.

    I think it's because you get immersed in VR and the plane, cockpit and scenery look very convincing. You can lose yourself in the VR world. You then switch views and there's a fairly low poly statue next to you, which kills any feeling of realism and takes away from the rest of the sim.

    Being in the copilots seat without a pilot obviously isn't very real either, but there's nothing visual to distract you.