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    You need to fill me in here a bit more, because I can't see what you are doing.

    How fast are you flying? How much pitch do you have? Maybe you can upload a screenshot?

    What does it say on the primary flight display on the top left corner?

    Does it say "MAN TOGA" or "MAN MCT" or "MAN FLX" before you pull back the throttle to climb thrust?

    I never managed to take a screenshot when it was happening but I believe it was "MAN TOGA", however, I restarted the game a few times and repeated the exact same steps (Made sure as I wrote them down) and it started work, pretty weird. Can we expect to see any guides for the 747 autopilot any time soon too?

    Not see if I need to create a separate thread for feature requests, but would it be possible we can get a keybinding for approach guides? It would be great so beginners can quickly toggle it on and off without having to go into the settings then pressing start again.



    I just re-downloaded this game after not playing for about a year. I'm attempting to do a flight in the A320 with autopilot, following this guide:…aft:airbus_a320

    Yet once I get to the stage where I need to reduce into climb thrust the autopilot suddenly discounts and I can't turn it back on (AUTO FLT AP OFF). Sometimes this also happens just before I need to set the speed into climb thrust.

    Is there something missing from the guide that I should be aware of? I'm really not too sure what the issue is, this is the first time using this new autopilot system since the update that changed it a long time ago.



    I have not played Aerofly in a good amount of time, since before the Auto Pilot update actually. Is there currently an update to date guide on how to use the new Auto Pilot system? Previously, before the update you could just click in a few buttons and press the auto thrust button and the plane would take full control, including automatically managing the speed. I've tried with the new system but can't find where to start.