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    I am an older flitesimmer, having started my simming "career" at 15 years of age in an old, beat-up Link Trainer in our local Civil Air Patrol headquarters. My buds and I spent many happy hours in that crazy hybrid of an airplane and carnival ride. Many---many---years later, in the 1980's, I graduated to digital simulation with Microsoft Flight Simulator (versions 1 through X), and more recently, the incredible Aerofly FS2. Over those years there were many "wow" moments, but none have matched the wows that FS2 delivers every time I load it up. The lighting, shadows, fluidity, and exceptional default aircraft outshine anything I have used before, notwithstanding the absence of real weather, seasons, a very limited world, or ATC. And that's without VR! In short, IPACS should be very proud of their achievement.

    But apparently they are not. I first learned of FS2 on my favorite site, Orbx, when I clicked on one of their georgeous banners, the one announcing the mysterious "Project A," arriving in 2017. In fact, Orbx, possibly the greatest eye-candy flightsim company on earth, now has two of their five product banners devoted to Aerofly FS2. For Aerofly to be recognized by such a stellar company, and to have that company devote two of its new products to this new simulator is high praise, indeed. And yet if you load up the Aerofly site itself (and that includes IPACS/IKARUS) there is NO mention of this new Orbx collaboration or any information about any of the huge new additions that Aerofly themselves have added since the release of FS2 in 2016 (such as The DLCs for Switzerland, Utah, and New York). They do, however, send you to the Steam site that gives you minimal reason to purchase the sim, although it does mention the full current offerings (but still fails to hawk the amazing potential of the collaboration with Orbx.).

    Would I have discovered or purchased FS2 without Orbx? Probably not. If Aerofly is to succeed---and they richly deserve to do so---they need to take a few minutes or hours to at the very least update their own website with info and screenshots of what is available and forthcoming. When I see the magic they can do on the sim, it should be a mere walk in the park for them to add a few lines of text and graphics to a web page.

    Let's look at this another way. If you are shopping the Web to go on your dream cruise, do you go with the cruise line that only advertises its current ports of call and services and amenities on the web sites of its competitors? To me, that's a sure sign of a sinking cruise line---or ship. Is Aerofly a sinking ship? I really hope not...