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    Best simulator for me!

    As mentioned before, you can spend all your time flying. No waste of time for loading, addons, tweaking, setup, route planing and fmc programming. Anyway there is enough system depth. FS2 has a superb balance between aircraft systems, flying and amenability. And a good variety of aircraft.

    No need to mention graphics and performance again.

    thank you! I will give it a try when I am back from holidays. Keep up the good work!!

    I do not recommend making any changes to core files like this.

    This is a hack that the user should understand that if done it could mess things up. Also, when we update, this may cause further problems.

    I recommend that afer using this "hack" for month without any problems. Still waiting for a option to remove this ugly lensflares in 2D mode as well!

    Okay guys, you are 100% awesome!

    1. View reset with space key was the solution.


    The neutral zone option is perfect! Over 50% of it makes no sense. But I am using it with 15-20% neutral zone and now it fits for me like never before. Less shaky and less tense movement. I am able to click the cockpit buttons without any difficulty and can keep the front view better for approaches.

    Many thanks for that and the super swift response.

    Any questions? More testing will follow. Please do not remove this option.

    Well done!

    A happy customer :)

    In DCS they have an active pause. Sort of a position freeze which lets you freeze your... position and still configure NAV MFD etc etc. when you are all comfy you unfreeze position and carry on. Particularly nice when learning. Been a few times in R/L I could have used that feature. ;)

    Pause is kind of a active pause. But you will see the changes only after continuing. No problem with on/off switches. But selecting a heading, speed, special switch positon or FMC configuration wont work well.

    Thanks for your update. The movement ist much better now. More smooth and rotation angle limit :)

    But now my captains place is behind the seat and I cannot move at the seat. Right now I cannot fly as a captain with head position tracking. I am stuck behind the seat. Move buttons are configured but movement forward does not work / does not move forward enough.

    autopilot and other buttons are much better to use. Less "shaking". How about a deadzone option?

    I am using the Tracker 4C as well since a few months now. Works fine with aerofly but I am waiting for an improvement update. The sensitivity is a bit to high for me.

    One more thing: an option to deactivate it for external views (cockpit only) would be fantastic.