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    I am sorry Jeff, but I was flying the C-172SP on Aerofly FS Mac, OS version installed in my 21.5" iMac just a few minutes ago and it is awesome! :)

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    I would have posted in the Mac OS X thread, but don't see one. I saw YouTube demos of the FS 2 recently and really liked what I saw, so I purchased and installed the FS 2 Mac version yesterday. I went through the process of registering it, but it says I am not connected to the internet, so I just went to Aerofly and got the license downloaded and it is now sitting on my desk top. Somewhere it was stated I need to drop it into the "documents/aeroflyFS/" but cannot find it. Could someone guide me through the process needed to register my license number?

    I have sent an inquiry to FS 2 customer service, but no reply yet.