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    Thanks. Hope it happens. I'm a retired RW pilot (40 years) and I like your sim when I just want to go flying and enjoy the scenery and not get into the complexity of the P3d environment. For me the VOR range is the only thing detracting from the experience. I started flying back in the day where the VOR/DME/ADF was king and a GPS was a w@t dre@m. There was a rumor of something called NavStar back then that appeared a couple decades later as GPS. I flew lots with LORAN before GPS which was pretty cool in its day. Thank you for your consideration as a future improvement.

    I stand by my statement above. . As to what this UK chart suggests please read it again then compare to my post above. This chart above is for certain UK VOR stations only. All real world VOR stations are not restricted to ranges of less than 60 miles.

    If you choose to let thing stay as they are....well that is your choice. If I didn't care about this sim I would not spend my time bringing it to your attention.

    Vor range can be 150+ miles if it is a high power airways VOR or should it be a lower powered terminal VOR is could be considerable less. Vor is line of sight. The way to determine range is the following formula: the square root of the height above the VOR station times 1.23. Example...the Vor is 1000' asl and an aircraft is flying at 11000' asl. The difference is 10000'. The square root of 10000 is 100...multiply by 1.23 and you come up with a possible range of 123 miles. As to mountainous areas check out the VOR near Eagle, Colorado.....DBL freq 113.0. It's on a mountain at 12000+'. In mountainous areas they are usually located up high. I flew for a living for 40 years till retiring a couple years ago. VOR range in Aerofly 2 is way below that in the real world. Please check this out with an aeronautical reference publication or someone that you trust.


    I have posed this question before but have not seen an answer. if I have missed a response i apologize. When will this be increased to reflect somewhere near real world range? The CDI gave no indication beyond 55-50 miles though the DME indication was present at longer ranges. Without having a gps with at least a "direct to" function this does detract from the experience for those who like to do their own navigation. This is a great sim and I have and will continue to support it by buying add-ons as they become available but as a real world pilot (retired) it would be great to have increased VOR reception range. Thanks for your consideration.


    Last June at the Avsim FlightSimCon I tried out VR (Oculus) flying Aerofly2 @ LOWI. The screen door was there but I got by it fine as the depth perception was so amazing. It fact the whole experience was mind boggling. Still put off buying as the price was a lot highter a year back but I'm probably going to get off the fence and dust off my credit card. I am leaning toward Oculus but I sure would like some comparison points of view with the Vive. Thanks.


    Suggestion... A simple gps with "direct to" navigation ability. With the current short reception range of the VOR in Aerofly2 this would enhance the enjoyment of this already good sim.

    Is there any chance you could increase the range at which a VOR signal can be received please?

    At the moment it is under 60 miles. In the real world at say 10,000 feet above the VOR altitude (if the VOR is at 2000 feet ASL then it should be received up to 125 miles away at 14,500 feet ASL for example) it should be received approx 125 miles away. At higher altitudes the range would be greater again.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Will these be downloadable from Steam or on the Aeorfly site?

    I retired last year after a lot of years of flying for a living and am mainly a P3d and DCS user but I've come to really enjoy Aerofly2. I had a chance to experience it at FlightSimCon and came home and bought it. I look forward to Colorado and perhaps down the road you could do some Canadian areas. Nova Scotia/New Brunswick is one area to consider on the east coast and on the west coast maybe Vancouver Island and area. Thanks for your consideration.