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    Hear my sad story...bought Aerofly FS2 for the VR purpose with the HTC Vive a little over a week ago. I also order a flight yoke, pro pedals, and throttle quadrant...the day the yoke shows up the Utah update begins. Everything was fine before then, ever since I can no longer start in VR mode, have been trying installing and uninstalling for days and have given up, took days before I could even post this to the forums...if I didn't already rack up a bunch of hours I would be asking for a refund...only reason it was purchased was for VR. 2d is useless to me, there are tons of 2d flight sims out there. I have now wasted more hours of downloading than playing...very disappointed and I never write reviews but I might just have to on this one, from what I've been reading having to delete what has taken me countless hours to download is just ridiculous